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Patricia Kaas Biography

Last updated: 07/05/2001 10:40:31 PM

Patricia Kaas is no frame freeze fan. "Je te dis vous", her third album (this one conjugated in the first person singular), an album that she inspired, enlivened, brought to term and released in April 1993 despite the opinion of many, has turned a new page.

"Je te dis vous", produced by Robin Millar, written and composed by François Bernheim, Didier Barbelivien, Sam Brewski (Jean-Jacques Goldman), Jöelle Kopf, Michel Amsellem, Fabrice Aboulker, Marc Lavoine and Pierre Grillet, is a record of maturity, of a hidden side. It has revealed her private nature, defined her identity, traced her scenery. Patricia Kaas has liberated her sensuality unveiled her sensitivity, cried out her femininity.

It speaks of women, love and relationships : "Il me dit que je suis belle" (He tells me I'm beautiful), "Fatiguée d'attendre" (tired of waiting), "Je retiens mon souffle" (I'm holding my breath) and "Reste sur moi" (Stay on me), an after lovemaking anthem which was a hit even for America's Dance Charts Billboard. "Je te dis vous" - "je"(I) for private love, "vous" (you) for public passion - has surely brought Patricia what she wants most : respect. "I wanted to show that I wasn't just a voice", she confides as she looks back on her achievements at the end of her "Tour de charme", her emotional tour of the world.

November 1994, a year and a half and more than two million album sales later - including more than a million abroad - Patricia Kaas goes live. A "Tour de charme" album, recorded live in Caen on April 8th with her 8 musicians, covers her show in 21 songs and 4 scenes, watched over by the angel of love, and carried around Europe, Asia, North America, Russia and the Middle East. A few figures : 600 000 spectators, 19 countries crossed and 145 concerts, including 71 abroad.

The event was filmed for a video directed by Gérard Pullicino : ethereal veils, wreaths of smoke, candles and hotel-room decors. No broadway, no Hollywood, no Marilyn Monroe... well, just a highly personal version of "I wanna be loved by you". In a book of photos by Claude Gassian, Patricia tells Gilles Medioni of three years in the limelight : Kaas as she really is, all modesty and lace.