Patent Pending Albums

  • Don't Quit Your Day Job Album
    Los Angeles
    Bad News Bear
    Dying In Mt. Sinai
    Song Number Six
    Yellow Snow
    Snake Eyes
    Cheer Up Emo Kid
    Parting Girts
    The Hoe Down
    Levittown Is For Lovers
    Red Martians Redux
    Decemberween (Live Acoustic)

  • Is Your Biological Father Album
    One Less Heart To Break
    It's All On Me
    The June Spirit
    67 Dollars And No Sense

  • Drive By Album
    Cheer Up Emo Kid
    Sushi James
    Red Martians Redux
    Fatty Macgee's Saxophone Adventures

  • Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine Album (6/6/2006)
    Los Angeles
    This Can't Happen Again
    Lights Out In Mississippi
    Demo For Dayna
    Cheer Up Emo Kid
    Old And Out Of Tune
    Samantha The Great
    Sleep Well My Angel
    The Safety Of Sleeping In
    The L-Town Shakedown
    The June Spirit
    Blank Track / Bonus Track
    Lights Out In Mississippi (Alternate Version)
    This Can't Happen Again (Instrumental Version) / Bonus Track

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