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Pat Benatar is a certified rock'n'roll superstar, a
four-time Grammy winner with six platinum and four gold
albums to her credit as well as such hit singles as "I Need
A Lover," "Heartbreaker," "Fire and Ice," "Treat Me Right,"
"Hit Me With Your Best Shot," "Hell Is For Children,"
"Shadows of the Night," and "Love Is A Battlefield." Long
acknowledged as one of the leading female rock vocalists in
the industry, Benatar will be embarking on her first live
concert dates in over two years before going into the
studio to record her first More...

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Review about Pat Benatar songs
good song indeed | Reviewer: Darkive
    ------ About the song Le Bel Age performed by Pat Benatar

when I was young my mom had the Seven the Hard Way cassette tape she always played this song, Invincible and Sex as a Weapon a lot and both are awesome songs! that album wasn't great but it produced 3 incredible songs!

no more victims! | Reviewer: stancahaz
    ------ About the song SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN performed by Pat Benatar

Today 20 children were shot dead in their classroom. SO HOW LONG are we going to let the NRA and their money tell the rest of us what to do? How many MORE innocent victims? How many MORE dead children? IT"S TIME FOR REAL GUN CONTROL,. GUNS don't kill people- but´╗┐ gun-owners DO kill people, and the gun-owners need to have their guns strictly controlled! The time is NOW. President Obama: Pleases use this terrible tragedy to help our Congress act on gun control! Rest in Peace little ones. May your slaughter and your sacrifice not be in vain

Wuthering Heights captures anyone's soul male or female... | Reviewer: Roy Jimenez
    ------ About the song WUTHERING HEIGHTS performed by Pat Benatar

I heard this song back in 1980 by Pat Benatar,it does something to you,if you know how to listen to the emotions of the voice the artist is singing to get the story across to you.I loved the song at my first hearing,but being a young man,it's something you kept this song to yourself and never mentioned it to any male figure.But when your alone,it takes you to another place in time...

no title needed | Reviewer: Al Reynoso
    ------ About the song SOMEBODY'S BABY performed by Pat Benatar

This song and video I instantly like when i caught i quick few seconds when entertainment tonight closed their show with it and either you like it or you don't the subject matter is still important to me but back on that even more go the record the next day I always wonder what caused them to write it

Great classics! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song WUTHERING HEIGHTS performed by Pat Benatar

I fell in love with Wuthering Heights the first time I saw it, it must have been about 20 years ago, or more. Then I heard Pat Benatar sing the song, Wuthering Heights and I fell in love with that too. Pat' s voice just goes with the song, emotionally. The movie , and song if I'm in the thinking frame of mind, always brings me to tears.

Lyrics | Reviewer: Joel
    ------ About the song HEARTBREAKER performed by Pat Benatar

This song was originally performed by an english singer called Jenny Darren and was written for her by her managers, Geoff Gill and cliff wade. The lyrics were changed for the american market but the original arrangement remains as it was when jenny Sang it.. you should search out the original.. far better vocally that Pat Benatars version.

Expression Of The Haunting Wuthering Heights | Reviewer: Pauline
    ------ About the song WUTHERING HEIGHTS performed by Pat Benatar

My first choice for my first record album was Crimes Of Passion by Pat Benatar. I was around 7 yrs old(now 41) and I would dance in the cellar with the lights off because my record player had lights that changed colors with the rythum of the music---the disco album player.
I was at that very time being abused (and had been abused since a failed strangulation from my mother at 18 months of age and in numerous "foster" homes.
Pat Benatars music (which induced exercise) made me know that someone else out there knew something about what I was living in.
Amoungst the different songs that vindicated me, the song Wuthering Heights would haunt me so pleasantly before I fell asleep.
It wasn't until I was in my twenties when I got hooked on black and white films that I saw the movie Wuthering Heights.
Pat Benatar stands out among other stars/artists for the way she truly digests what she sees and hears and feels in her songs.
I would say it would be a great addition to the sales of the black and white movie to also have as a bonus, a copy of Pat Benatars song.
If I could leave her a personal statement I would thank her for the inspiration for reaching out to others to assist me from my abusers and for the intensity in her songs which caused me to dedicate my life (at that time) to survive and discipline myself in dance.
She kept me alive quite literally.
I have also felt the shiver of emotional moors and the passion in an apologetic returner to a love that was no longer available for whatever reason.

Makiss Araound in the death water!!! | Reviewer: keizoomin
    ------ About the song HEARTBREAKER performed by Pat Benatar

I don't hear Pop lyric sound without lyric site help!
But I like Heartbreaker's Hearing!
No Sound,No See
I read Pat DOGGY DOG long long time ago their name,Pat's Caricuture etc,.Bane Nartaric.ThanQ

response to the comment before | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD performed by Pat Benatar

You cannot deny it, love of young people is the best one, i mean its so passionate that it remains in the mind for the rest of your life, so indeed its eternal. we humans are designed to reproduce and love is the tool that lead us to this act. i dont see anything wrong in that, thats what we are sex&love (love of young people) designed creatures.

I dont see here any intention to capture the ignorance of youth love, i see here a declaration, the fact that in a short piece of our lives we have the opportunity to enjoy passionately our days and say, we are young, we are strong , no one can tell us we re wrong!!

I LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Martard
    ------ About the song HEARTBREAKER performed by Pat Benatar

I never really listened to Pat before, but they put Hit Me With Your Best Shot on Guitar Hero III and I loved it. Then when I got Guitar Hero World Tour and this song was on it I was all "YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" And I do this song mainly, ecept for What I've Done because I can do it 100% on expert :P Lol.

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