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Pastor Troy Tool Muziq Album

Last updated: 01/30/2014 06:25:42 PM

Release Date: 07/03/2007
Tracks in Tool Muziq: Tool Muziq, Saddam, That's the Move, I'm Fucked Up, Wanting You, The Belt, No Money, Hard for the Money, Digital, In My Truck with Me, Still Looking, I'm Down, Hey Mama, Will He Come Home Tonight?

Tool Muziq Album Tracklist

Genre : Southern hip hop
Released : July 3, 2007
Length : 54:52
Recorded : 2006-2007
Label : SMC Recordings, Money And The Power Records

Shawty Redd, DJ Squeeky, J. Troy, Zaytoven, Prophet Posse, Lody, J.P., Pastor Troy, Drumma Boy