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Q And Not U Passwords Lyrics

Last updated: 06/15/2006 11:00:00 AM

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softly they push me in the water
im ringing my clothes out now
i drank the pail down of the water
i run the water from my clothes so clean

gently shut my eyes
gently shut my eyes

i filled the pail of the water
i cast the passwords in a perfect scene
and burn all my belongings
maybe two will complicate my life
oh this and more
right before my eyes
the pail in my mouth
my password was a home on fire
oh this and more
silently transpired

they push push push me in the water
they push push push me in a perfect scene
reciting passwords in a fog of perfume
reciting passwords in the ? of perfume tears

they're burning my belongings
they're deleting every word i write
a silky fog of tear gas
endlessly conspires

i i i never said no
because my password was a home on fire
this as the perfume teardrops
vanished from my eyes

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