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(wonk ouy naht noitceffa erom deen I)
Omoidaseba haruka haruka, mirai wa.
(wonk ouy naht noitceffa erom deen I)
Doko mademo kagayaiteta.
Kirei na aozora no shita de, bokura wa,
(wonk ouy naht noitceffa erom deen I)
sukoshi dake obieteita.
Natsukashii iro ni, mado ga somaru.
Mae wo muitereba, mata aemasu ka?
Mirai wa,
(wonk ouy naht noitceffa erom deen I)
doko edemo tsudzuiterunda, okina kanban no shita de.
Jidai no,
(wonk ouy naht noitceffa erom deen I)
utsuroi wo miteitai na.
My heart's a battleground.
(snoitome eurt deen I)
(wonk uoy naht niotceffa erom deen I)
(snoitome eurt deen I)
Nido to aenu hito ni basho ni, mado wo akeru.
Omoidaseba haruka haruka.
Mirai wa,
(wonk uoy naht niotceffa erom deen I)
doko mademo kagayaiteta.
Kirei na aozora no shita de, bokura wa,
(wonk uoy naht niotceffa erom deen I)
itsu mademo nemutteita.
My fears, my lies.
Aozora no shita...
(wonk uoy naht niotceffa erom deen I)

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RE:Biggest KH fan eva | Reviewer: Bob Billy | 8/5/14

In Japan we put our surname first. It is not a stage name, it's just the way we say our name: Last comes first. Everyone calls us by our last name here in Japan.

RE: Biggest KH fan eva | Reviewer: Namine | 7/16/13

Darling, say that again and i'll erase your memories because i'm Namine and you're just a bitch.
PD: My friend Kairi and me will personally kick your ass with her gay keyblade, so go fuck yourself

:) | Reviewer: Rawr | 7/2/12

I just wanna say this song is awesome. I never really paid attention to the kh soundtrack until I played the game again when I was older, when I was more into music. This song is just amazing!! I'm a guitar player, and when I reheard this song I decided to teach myself how to play piano and so I basically found an intermediate-advanced version of the song on piano, downloaded the sheet music and now, after a year, I can finally play it XD basically this song motivated me to learn an instrument that quick, so yeah, it's pretty awesome haha.

This song | Reviewer: kingdomhearts forever | 6/1/12

I can't even describe how beautiful this song is and how beautiful Utada's voice is. I'm so glad there's music like this that's so meaningful and for it to be featured in Kingdom Hearts 2 is awesome because the game is beyond words.

XD | Reviewer: Namine | 7/25/11

I'm sooooooooooooooooo happy that I found the lyrics to Passion. Thank you soooooo much for posting them. WARNING! If you find the enlish version of this song on youtube in about a week, it will be unavailable to watch!!! It's happened to me now 6 times. . .

Biggest KH fan eva | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/11

Thanks for posting this! I am no joke the biggest kh fan ever (Non-negotiable). I've memorized every scene, every character and even a couple scenes from a Kingdom Hearts that I don't own, have never played and don't even own the right system for (the game is birth by sleep). I have the English version on CD and recorded the Japanese version and, even though I'm considered a freak for liking Japanese stuff because I live in America, I'm trying to learn all Utada's song in both English and Japanese. Fun fact about Utada: Her Real name is Hikaru Utada, Utada Hikaru is her stage name.

Anonymous:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/11

Wow i frst heard the English version of the song way bck. I nvr really payed attention to it until recently when my cuzin nd my best friend got mee into the game again. I finally heard the song again nd i loved it. It reminded me of bck then when me nd my MOM played it. Later on found out my boyfriend loved the song too. Showed him the Jap version nd he loved it. That was our song. Now when i listen to it, it takes me bck to those times where everythin was so perfect.

Amazing!!! | Reviewer: Breanna | 11/25/10

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard, it's amazing, and I can't stop listing to it! The first time I heard it was On the game Kingdom Hearts (best game ever!) then I learned it on the piano, now I can sing it beginning to finish from memory. This song is amazing!

Thanks | Reviewer: Xion | 11/3/10

I am planning to preform this song (weither in Eng. or Jap. Idk Maybe Jap.) and when I got the Jap. version of the song for my mp3 player I heard a new part that wasn't in the lyrics I had printed out, "Zutto mae ni suki datta hito.." that part. So now I'm happy that I have that part now to add to my lyrics sheet. I'm also thinking about preforming "Hikari" another super awesome song by Utada!

In love with it! | Reviewer: Khadija | 8/10/10

I love this song. Actually this is the song that got me into Japanese music. Since then utada has been my favorite artist I no almost all this song in English n Japanese. KH rocks 2. That's where I first heard it. KH & Utada FAV

Number XV (15) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/10

omg, i have this song on my ipod, & its soooooooooooo good. (though id like it in english.) i m the biggest KH fan on the whole earth!!!!! (debatable...) i even made up my own KH nobody name... (tee hee...)

OMG | Reviewer: Ari | 9/29/09

This song.. and the KH series.. are probably the most emotional stirring amazing beautiful best song/games ever... like serious. KH has millions of fans worldwide, the only way i can describe it is perfection.

i am alive | Reviewer: mack | 9/8/09

i never played the game and a friend of mine showed me the OP it was damaging i mean i going to buy another ps2 just so that i can play this game

i kind knew Utada had great songs but i never knew it was this powerful it made me think of what have i been doing with my life up until this point
Been playing this song nonstop while searching for her discography

Love it | Reviewer: ericka | 5/27/09

i really like this song i nver heard of Utada before her recent album and the song Dirty Desire but i looked up her songs and i fell in love with bothe this song and First Love its very soothing I love Utada!

memories of the heart | Reviewer: chira00chira | 5/22/09

Gee wiz, this song is truly wonderful. I heard it about six months ago when my friend downloaded it and... I fell in love with it.

When I heard this song in the lyric "watashi-tachi ni dekinakatta koto wo. Totemo natsukashiku omou" . I suddenly remembered about the time that passed behind me. The time that I shared with all of my friends. The memories with them that can't be erased.

Go! Go! Utada!! Keep rockin'!!

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