Passion Pit Albums

  • Gossamer Album (7/24/2012)
    Take a Walk
    I'll Be Alright
    Carried Away
    Constant Conversations
    Mirrored Sea
    Cry Like a Ghost
    On My Way
    Two Veils to Hide My Face
    Love Is Greed
    It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy
    Where We Belong
    Bonus Track
    American Blood

  • Manners Album (4/13/2010)
    Make Light
    Little Secrets
    Moth's Wings
    The Reeling
    Eyes As Candles
    Swimming In The Flood
    Folds In Your Hands
    To Kingdom Come
    Let Your Love Grow Tall
    Seaweed Song

  • Chunk Of Change Album (9/16/2008)
    I've Got Your Number
    Smile Upon Me
    Cuddle Fuddle
    Live To Tell The Tale
    Better Things

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