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Iron Maiden Paschendale Lyrics

Last updated: 12/20/2012 01:42:51 PM

In a foreign field he lay
lonely soldier unknown grave
on his dying words he prays
tell the world of Paschendale

Relive all that he's been through
last communion of his soul
rust your bullets with his tears
let me tell you 'bout his years

Laying low in a blood filled trench
killing time 'til my very own death
on my face I can feel the fallin' rain
never see my friends again
in the smoke in the mud and lead
the smell of fear and the feeling of dread
soon be time to go over the wall
rapid fire and the end of us all

Whistles, shouts and more gun-fire
lifeless bodies hang on barbed wire
battlefield nothing but a bloody tomb
be reunited with my dead friends soon
many soldiers eighteen years
drowned in mud, no more tears
surely a war no one can win
killing time about to begin

Home, far away. From the war, a chance to live again
Home, far away. But the war, no chance to live again

The bodies of ours and our foes
the sea of death it overflows
in no-man's land God only knows
into jaws of death we go...

Crucified as if on a cross
allied troops, they mourn their loss
German war propaganda machine
such before has never been seen
swear I heard the angels cry
pray to God no more may die
so that people know the truth
tell the tale of Paschendale

Cruelty has a human heart
every man does play his part
terror of the men we kill
the human heart is hungry still

I stand my ground for the very last time
gun is ready as I stand in line
nervous wait for the whistle to blow
rush of blood and over we go...

Blood is falling like the rain
its crimson cloak unveils again
the sound of guns can't hide their shame
and so we die in Paschendale

Dodging shrapnel and barbed wire
running straight at canon fire
running blind as I hold my breath
say a prayer symphony of death
as we charge the enemy lines
a burst of fire and we go down
I choke I cry but no one hears
feel the blood go down my throat

Home, far away. From the war, a chance to live again
Home, far away. But the war, no chance to live again
Home, far away. From the war, a chance to live again
Home, far away. But the war, no chance to live again

See my spirit on the wind
across the lines beyond the hill
friend and foe will meet again
those who died at Paschendale

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passchendeale | Reviewer: tony holt | 12/20/12

this is truly a wonderfull and moving song i played it to my mates i was in the army with and when it ended there was'nt a dry eye to be seen.i visit the western front a lot and this song
is allways on my mind.iron maiden you are the best.

Just one | Reviewer: Keith | 7/13/12

This is just one song good though it is , but there are other songs that tell you of the futility of this war ,try the ballad of willie macbride , or margarita the green fields of France all songs that will ( if you have any feelings at all) have the same effect

Wow | Reviewer: CanaDyne | 1/13/12

I've heard this song a few dozen times before I really listened to it. My great great grandfather served at Passchendaele (Canadian spelling?). He didn't actually see any combat from what I've been told, but was in reserve when the Canadians finally took the hill and the town. I remember my great grandmother telling me the story and telling me how mad he was when it was abandoned only a few weeks/months later. All the British, French and Canadian lives lost for nothing.

Paschendale | Reviewer: Sarah | 12/7/11

I really love this song. It's my favourite song. I listened to it when I was young. I still remember it, the power it held me in. And when I first listened to the lyrics, not just the song, I was blown away. Never have I heard a song with such powerful lyrics and strong drums, guitar and bass.

Maiden, you are my favourite band.

Best Band in MEtal Histroy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/11

I can't stop hearing Paschendale. I am from Bangladesh, I first knew about Paschendale from this song. Maiden always does the exceptional work, powerful lyrics which touches mind, Ironic music, stunning. Can't express my total feelings.

Tribute to those who died in war.

great commemoration | Reviewer: isberg | 9/23/10

the story of Passchendale (the town not the song) is terribly close to what happened. its hard to believe how many deaths there were for only about 5 miles of land. the first battle left 140,000 british soldiers dead, which means a soldier died for every 2 inches gained...

Masterpiece | Reviewer: regs | 9/1/10

This is a masterpiece song. Packed with emotion as a tribute to those who have fallen in not just in Paschendale, but all those trench battlefields.

It's filled with sorrow for those young kids who died fighting the worst kind of battle, and for nothing but ~6 miles of land grab.

A real masterpiece | Reviewer: Sean | 7/7/10

Iron maidens Paschendale is wrote about the battle of Paschendale during the first world war.
Is has some very powerful lyrics witch are put together with superb guitar and drums.
This is in some ways not an anti-war song, it is more of a lyrical memorial to the people fallen at Pachendale.

As a Brit, I feel it is important to commemorate the men they have fallen for are country, and so I have played this song everyday for the past two years, and am still not tired for it.

Best anti-war song, and not just in metal... | Reviewer: Alex | 6/2/10

Maiden have given us some great epics, but nothing that comes even close to this when it comes to power, raw emotion, and lyrical brilliance.

2 Minutes to Midnight was another great anti-war song by the Irons with great music and amazing lyrics like "Go to war again, blood is freedom's stain" or "we oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies". But in Pascendale Maiden really managed to outdo themselves.

Easily the most epic Maiden song ever. The chord progressions, the arrangement, the amazing lyrics, everything about it is top notch even by Maiden standards. And of course Bruce's superb delivery... The bit that always gets me is: Cruelty has a human heart
every man does play his part
terror of the men we kill
the human heart is hungry still

I'm eagerly waiting for their next war epic, hopefully this time they'll do a song about the WW2 in the Pacific. Some really harrowing battles there, but no Maiden song about them yet...

Absolutly the best song ever. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/10

I'm writing a paper on this song and hopefully giving a speech because, being an American who loves history, people need to know about and remember these things. This is easily their best song and no one could get me to believe otherwise. It is filled with such emotion and as a listener I could picture perfectly the battle. Very well done.

An Absolute Masterpiece! | Reviewer: Sairjohn | 7/3/09

Iron Maiden has done a stupendous work on this song! Everything on it, the lyrics, the melody, the performance of the musicians, produces the impactating effect of taking us emotionally to the battle field! (I've cried several times hearing this song.)

This song is a magnificent tribute to all who fought and died absurdly not only in Paschandale, but also in any battle of World War I. More than this, it's a powerfull manifest against this plague of human race, that is the war.

Live Version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/09

When i was there live i think the bit before bruce starts the line "Dodging shrapnel and barbed wire" as he does fall onto(well looks like) barbed wire it's as if he has just been shot and the guitars going lower brings out the's a very moving song!

Amazing | Reviewer: vasileos | 5/15/09

Being a history major, I knew about Paschendale (third battle of Ypres) before hearing the song. and say what you want, but the first time I heard this song I cried. Its just amazing, the feeling Maiden put into it, the accuracy of the song. The drums, the solos, the

I hope Maiden can produce another that is this awesome

Absolute masterpiece that will deeply touch anyone who cares about the atrocities endured by our desperately brave boys during the Great War | Reviewer: Phil S | 4/3/09

This is much more than just a song, it takes you right to the core of the unimaginable fear, sensless loss, resignation to hopelessness and sheer desperation of the bloody fields of mass slaughter. The lyrics are immensely touching, almost disturbingly so, and the accompanying sound of the band and vocal delivery by Bruce are both breathtakingly brilliant. This song, probably more than any other before it moved me to deep thought and immense sadness for the soldier whose own story this brilliant song tells so movingly. The live version with the real life sound of the guns and whaling shells opening the song is simply breathtaking. Iron Maiden have been an important part of my life, which is now in middle age, - and Paschendale this one is probably the best! My children all love the song too and it has caused them to think about the Great War in a way that they would hitherto not have done so. What can I say?

Paschendale | Reviewer: Joshua Foster | 12/2/08

I Being A New Zealander Feel Humbled That Iron Maiden Have Made A Song From Which So Many New Zealanders Lost There Lives (Whole generations of Families Were Lost)I Have Respect For The Maidens For Making This Song Such A Long And Heart Felt Song That Makes My Skin Crawl Each Time I Here It.
Thank You Iron Maiden!