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Wilma Burgess Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow Lyrics

Last updated: 02/17/2005 10:00:00 AM

Parting is such sweet sorrow after all these precious dreams we've realized
Parting is such sweet sorrow it's hard to keep from being mistyized

I told you love was not a bed of roses
But you were sure there'll be no hope for us
You got a taste of hurt that life discloses
And the pain was just a little bit too much

Parting is such sweet sorrow looking into your heart before that last goodbye
Parting is such sweet sorrow I still believe we'll make it if we try

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The Ultimate Break Up Song! | Reviewer: Mitchel Barker | 4/20/2005

This Song Is The First Song I Run A needle Thru Each Time I go Thru A Break up, I Will Continue To Love This Forever!

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