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Parquet Courts Biography

Last updated: 05/08/2014 08:06:04 AM

For fans of: Wire, The Strokes, Modern Lovers, Ramones
From: Brooklyn, New York
Personae: Andrew Savage (voice, guitar), Austin Brown (voice, guitar), Max Savage (drums), Sean Yeaton (bass)

One of the most thrilling debuts of the year, Parquet Courts’ Light Up Gold goes back to the first principles of punk that get forgotten every so often: speed, precision, brains and attitude. The group is a very simple quartet — two guitars, bass, drums, and a pair of yelpers who take turns one-upping each other — and they knocked out the album in a three-day weekend (after a year of woodshedding and live shows). But it’s as bracing and funny as NYC rock gets, packed end-to-end with crisp little hooks, and populated by songs that get straight to the point and get out. (Seven out of 15 are less than two minutes long; the only one that sticks around for more than five minutes is the two-chord wonder “Stoned and Starving.”)

The group’s de facto frontman Andrew Savage — who’s also played in Fergus & Geronimo and Teenage Cool Kids, among other bands — met his fellow singer/guitarist Austin Brown in college in Texas. Along with Savage’s brother Max and former Bostonian bassist Sean Yeaton, they moved to New York City and started Parquet Courts, armed with some very strong opinions about what punk culture needs to do.

As the band set up for one of their many gigs, eMusic’s Douglas Wolk talked with them about their place in the New York scene, the inspirations behind their sound and graphics, and their feelings about what’s missing in music right now.