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Please could you stop the noise, I'm trying to get some rest,
from all the unborn chicken voices in my head.
What's that...?
(I may be paranoid, but not an android)
What's that...?
(I may be paranoid, but not an android)

When I am king, you will be first against the wall,
with your opinion which is of no consequence at all
What's that...?
(I may be paranoid, but no android)
What's that...?
(I may be paranoid, but no android)

Ambition makes you look pretty ugly,
Kicking and squealing gucci little piggy.
You don't remember!
You don't remember!
Why don't you remember my name?
Off with his head, man!
Off with his head, man!
Why don't you remember my name?
I guess he does...

Rain down, rain down,
Come on rain down on me.
From a great height
From a great height...
Rain down, rain down
Come on rain down on me
From a great height
From a great height...
Rain down, rain down
Come on rain down on me

That's it, sir
You're leaving.
The crackle of pigskin.
The dust and the screaming.
The yuppies networking.
The panic, the vomit.
The panic, the vomit.
God loves his children,
God loves his children,

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about robot voices | Reviewer: egi | 4/1/13

on the first part of song i think the robot voice not say: (I may be paranoid, but not an android) but I'd heard he says (android, you paranoid, beyond, slow down, android) and in part 2 he said (Android, you paranoid, slow down, beyond, android) do you same think with me? because I have opinion If we compare the lyrics to what the robots say, it looks not right and too short

Radiohead | Reviewer: Vic | 1/5/13

Another great song by Radiohed. Paranoid Android sounds sad, strange, and creep especially when the Thom and the sound of a robot voice says "What's that...? (I may be paranoid, but not an android)". Absolutely can't say the least about Radiohed songs.

P.S. I laugh when I read comments about what the "meanings" of the songs are. Idk why. Lol.

clarification | Reviewer: vixen | 12/24/12

The four different parts aren't actually meant to link together. The band tried something different and had each member secretly write their own quarter of a song, and Thom himself commented how it didn't really fit together well, and I lot of the song were jokes. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble.

calm down | Reviewer: ann | 11/18/12

calm down guys, according to thom paranoid android is supposed to be funny, like a kind of joke, something you could not possibly take sirius. i love the song too, and yes i do find it quite disturbing, but if you really listen to the lyrics you got to admit its really kind of hilarious(and deeply disturbing)!

Clear references | Reviewer: Claire | 9/12/11

This song may be inspired by a night Yorke had in a bar but there are two clear references to "the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy". The robot Marvin is refered to as a "Paranoid Abdroid" and the line "first against the wall" is used twice in the book.

Weird but great! | Reviewer: Eve | 7/26/11

To be franc i didn't understand the lyrics and how did Thom got them,but the melodies are great,especially the first part it was brilliant.i Love radiohead,i don't understand most of their lyrics but i like them anyway!

veggie | Reviewer: Cindy | 6/8/11

Hey Yuuichi, I'm a vegan too! I did never noticed, and now that I read the lyrics again I guess you're so right! You know which other song gives me that idea? Street Spirit.

From what I know, Thom is a vegan :D


why the far-fetching | Reviewer: Yuuichi | 5/27/11

The first thing that comes to my mind when I read these lyrics is veganism. Unborn chicken voices, squealing piggy, the crackle of pigskin, seems to me like what pisses him (and a lot of us) off is being a vegan in a non vegan world. Most of the song matches this interpretation as well. Just throwing that out there.

Reason.. | Reviewer: Lamont | 4/14/11

As a songwriter, let me try to bring a little reason to this seeming argument. You as a listener can feel any way you want about a song, and it isn't wrong. How it makes you feel will vary from person to person because it is subjective. However, it's the songwriter who determines what the song is ACTUALLY about, so whatever Yorke and the guys say about Paranoid Android should always trump your opinion.

Johnny Greenwood | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/10

This is the longest average I have ever seen on these comments, but I would just like to state a fact I know to be true about this song. This is some of Johnny Greenwood's most intense and impressive work. I have got back into Radiohead because of this song and I am truly shocked I ever forgot how amazing every member in this band is, but in particular Johnny Greenwood... Beautifully crafted guitar parts

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/10

I love this song. It's pleasantly disturbing and displays a perfect mix of pressure, panic/chaos, and desperation, then quickly back into another rush of panic/chaos with the instrumental finale of the song. And oddly, I think it's pretty good to listen to when stressed of all times. More alternate meanings to it have come to me when I have.

Ok. | Reviewer: TjGrylls | 9/12/10

K. Um, people just chill? I sort of liked it when people were just sharing their opinions not "RANAHAHA YOUR WRONG!!! SONGS CAN BE INTERPRETED MANY DIFFERENT WAYS!!!"

....everyone knows that already. So just share your opinion yeah?

I personally love the idea that he was inspired by Marvin from hitch hikers guide...crazy fucking movie. But the story about the coke den and crazy people talking to Thom sounds pretty cool also.

I've always had this weird mental image, almost like a video clip that plays in my head whenever i listen to it of some weird castle type place where controlled by robots, and a human comes in one day and the robot can't take it that the human doesn't know who he is, so he orders the human to be killed- "off with his head now"
And then the robot sort of feeling shit or something...yeah. Stoned.
Yeah, i take the lyrics i bit literally there but thats how i imagined it the first time and its sort of never left my head. I like it.

Don't panic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/10

I've heard that this song was based upon the character Marvin from the book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Addams. I certainly agree since in the book quite clearly had the phrase Paranoid Android in it referring to Marvin, the mechanically depressed robot.

Songfacts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/10
Lead singer Thom Yorke decided to bar-hop in Los Angeles one night, but what began as a festive evening soon became a nightmare as Yorke found himself surrounded by parasitic scene-stalkers intent on extracting a pound of Yorke-flesh. "The people I saw that night were just like demons from another planet," said Yorke, now safely ensconced in a New York hotel. "Everyone was trying to get something out of me. I felt like my own self was collapsing in the presence of it, but I also felt completely, utterly part of it, like it was all going to come crashing down any minute." That night inspired "Paranoid Android," a song that sums up OK Computer's claustrophobic blend of melancholic beauty and nerve-rattling aggression. Surging through ethereal acoustic passages and punkish, guitar-mauled explosions, the song ends with a choir that seems a plea for heavenly forgiveness.

Yorke: "It's about being exposed to God, I dunno. It was that one night, really. We'd been rehearsing the song for months, but the lyrics came to me at five o'clock that morning. I was trying to sleep when I literally heard these voices that wouldn't leave me alone. They were the voices of the people I'd heard in the bar. It turned out to be a notorious, coke-fiend place, but I didn't know that. Basically it's just about chaos, chaos, utter f--king chaos." (thanks, Mike - Champaign, IL, for above 2)

The song's structure is patterned after "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" by The Beatles. Both are clearly a collection of other, shorter pieces of songs put together into one.

Animals | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/10

I love the arrangement of this song.

Listen to it on a good pair of speakers or headphones to hear all the little sound effects and noises in the mix, it's brilliant.

All the different instruments on this song sound like animals in the jungle, some of them small, some quiet. Some big and foreboding.

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