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Although their spunky blend of emo-pop and anthemic rock
eventually made them stars on both sides of the Atlantic,
Paramore began humbly enough in Franklin, TN, where lead
singer Hayley Williams met brothers Josh and Zac Farro
after moving to town from Mississippi. The two Farros had a
band that the 13 year-old singer was asked to join, and
guitarist Jason Bynum and bassist Jeremy Davis soon climbed
aboard to complete Paramore's lineup. Local hangouts and a
school talent show helped the young bandmembers hone their
chops before More...

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Review about Paramore songs
Review for Paramores album Paramore | Reviewer: Ayana
    ------ About the song Future performed by Paramore

The album is amazing!!! I listen to it 24/7 and I even sing along and dance to it every time Paramore rocks!!! I am so happy I bought the album!!! Please do me a favor and make another album!!! I love you Paramore!!! Rock on!!!

It doesn't matter! | Reviewer: Alien!
    ------ About the song Emergency performed by Paramore

Hey guys! Its all good!
What does it matter where/when you discovered Paramore!
I honestly don't even know i'm bothering stating my opinion in this bicker fest! Its so insignificant/pettiful to argue about!
All thats of value, is that we all love and support Paramore!
They rock/kick ass! One of the best bands that ever came into existance! So to the sad sack/silly ass ppl who continue to argue over petty matters!
Wake up, cut the childish crap out, and continue to love the shit out of this band without the need to boost your ego by trying to be the best founder of paramore, or being the biggest fan!
Because frankly, no-one is the biggest fan! Anyone who adores this amazing band, loves them in their own way, more or less!
But what does it matter!
How about everyone just get along, be equal/individual!
And stop the ego trips! Its unnecessary!
That it is all lol
Peace out peeps :)

Poop | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pressure performed by Paramore

Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
well I'm sitting all alone feeling empty

This song is about pooping. Seriously, read the lyrics and consider that she might be reminiscing about her various experiences with fecal matter of her lower bowels.

for you (M) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Only Exception performed by Paramore

it is very difficult to realize if you truly love someone. Especially when each time you feel a different kind of love. I have felt strong love for two people in my life, but both of them are not here today. They are left in the past and sometimes I wonder if it was real love. Now there is another guy in my life, who made me forget about everything else. He made me feel in such a way that I've never felt before. I dont know if I love him, I havent told him yet. But he is the only exception of my life. He cannot be compared with anyone else. Anyone else is like him. And just a few minutes ago I was talking on the phone with him and the only thing that came into my mind was this song. You are the only exception, because you changed everything. You changed the way I felt, the way I used to think, the way I loved people. Thank you for being a part of my life, thank you for being the most important thing that happened to me the last five years. You are the only exception of my life.

Soul touching ... | Reviewer: Para Fan !!! ( Fahad )
    ------ About the song The Only Exception performed by Paramore

It's one of those songs that makes every single hair on your body stand .... simply beautiful and unforgettable song...

And by the way....Owen...u r such an a**h*** !!!!
Dont like the song ... bug off !!!!
People like u r useless for our world :)

Great song | Reviewer: Catt
    ------ About the song The Only Exception performed by Paramore

I love this song, when I first heard it I thought I'd never have. Anyone who I felt would live up to this but I did and now this is going to be the song for the first dance at the wedding.

This song is about war | Reviewer: The Watcher
    ------ About the song We Are Broken performed by Paramore

This song is about war and how soldiers just need to keep on moving through every situation and it make me think of the days I spent in the special ops how we just kept moving on and we were broken by the loss of our freinds and our brothers at war

Put my faith | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic performed by Paramore

I love paramore and it reminds me of my ex. We were together for almost a year and later he became depressed. I tried my best to be there and cheer him up but I knew I was not enough. I looked up to him and saw him as a decent guy with integrity and i would do anything for him. After a while he stopped caring completely about me so i ended it. A week later he told people he never cared about me and he wanted to break up with me a long time ago. I kind of knew he didn't want me anymore but I was in denial.

... | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Misery Business performed by Paramore

It's stupid when people argue about our differences. People like what they like. You can't change that. Everyone has their own taste in music, movies, books, cartoons, etc.

Some people like Paramore, others don't. Some of you think Paramore is a great band, some of you don't.

Arguing is a waste of time. You won't change their minds!

4.2/5.0 | Reviewer: Kid Kory
    ------ About the song Playing God performed by Paramore

I like the lyrics, really engaging, makes me ask what's is Hayley talking about cause even the song title is controversial and controversy sells. One of my best song on that album #B.N.E

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