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Recorded : 2005
Released : July 26, 2005
Label : Fueled by Ramen
Genre : Alternative rock, pop punk
Producer : James Wisner, Mike Green
Length : 35:47

Release information about the album
Release Date: 07/26/2005
Tracks in All We Know Is Falling: All We Know, Pressure, Emergency, Brighter, Here We Go Again, Never Let This Go, Whoa, Conspiracy, Franklin, My Heart, Oh Star

All We Know Is Falling Album Tracklist

PARAMORE! PARAMORE! LOVE! ROCK! PARAMORE! | Reviewer: ... | 12/8/10

All of these words equal paramore: AWESOME RICHIOUS BEST ROCK LOVE PARAMORE BAND WOO SCREAM SONGS THANKS I LOVE YOU PARAMORE! Paramore, if you see this comment I am ur biggest fan I wish I could be your bff's and also, I had a dream we were best friends, then I had one that I found you and you were my best friend again, no joke! I am addicted to u!! Please perform in Prattville Alabama, I would cry if you wanted me to to show my love!! ALL YOUR SONGS ARE AMAZING!

Decode Didn't Start It All | Reviewer: Juliet | 9/3/10

Paramore was wayyyyyy famous b4 twilight! Their music video "mISERY BUSINESS" won #1 video in '07. Their albums All We Know Is Falling and Riot! were quite successful. They r a very talented band and i believe tht they would've done fine without twilight. They have a strong volcalist(Hayley Williams), 2 fantastic guitarists(Josh Farro &Taylor York), their bassist(Jeremy Davis) and their drummer(Zac Farro) have great rythym. Their earlier songs r just as good as those featured in twilight. In fact their most famous songs r "Misery Business", "Ignorance", "Decode", "The Only Exception", "Careful", "That's What You Get", and "Brick By Boring Brick". I loveeeeeee paramore!!!!!!!!!!(I have all their songs on my iPod)!!! :) <3

i love it but..... | Reviewer: Emily | 3/28/10

i love PARAMORE but until twilight i had never heard of them i do believe that DECODE is one of the reason that they are now one of the best bands around keep bring out new c.d's cant wait till the next one xoxox

PaRaMoRee<3 | Reviewer: Lupe | 1/31/10

well since al of yuu "claim" to love paramore, ou would know that oh star is not in this album. And You shouldve known that! What kind of paramore fns are these? I have all their albums, and Oh Star is not on this album!

paramore = AMAZINGLY PERFECT!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/09

most people only know paramore because of their two major songs in twilight, but i knew them way before then and have LOVED them ever since i stumbled across them. alss that i can say is WOW! i love their songs 'pressure', 'when it rains', ' emergency' and 'misery business' (although all of their songs are awesomelly awesome!)

oh and one more thing: hayley williams should have been named number one sexiest vocal!

mwa mwa paramore. COmE To AuStRaLiA SoOn!

Paramazing | Reviewer: Amber | 5/14/09

Paramore has been around for quite some years now. They're awesome. I love them to death. I'm glad people are noticing them whether or not a movie had to do that. ahaha. And now look- theyre playing with no doubt. daaammmnnnn. GO HAYLEY!!!! ILY!

Never Knew | Reviewer: Delilah | 5/13/09

The 1st time I actually heard Paramore was when my bff bought me Sims 2 for Christmas. We were playing and "listening" 2 the stereo on the game. Our fave was song was Pressure, but we couldnt understand the song because it was "translated" into the Sims language. We searched 4 weeks but never found the real words 2 the song or the artist. Then my bff was looking on the internet 1 day & discovered Paramore! We listened 2 their songs & then read & saw Twilight. We finally found Pressure, when we were looking up some of their songs & listened 2 it. 2 our surprise it was the same tune! So 2 Paramore (& Sims) ILY very much & I hope yall come 2 Texas soon.

i Knew | Reviewer: Sarah | 4/19/09

i actually knew about paramore 2 years ago, but only liked a couple of there songs, but one day i was bored and decided to buy their album, now i cant stop listening to them, there all i listen to, i love the fianl riot live :), my firneds get so annoyed becasue im at school rocking out in my mind, and my friends hate me daydreaming becasue i never listen to them when i am,
ily Paramore forever,
you will go far :)

It's a shame | Reviewer: Charley | 4/16/09

I knew about Paramore a long time ago, but never really thought about listening to them.
But to then find them in Twilight, I decided to search for their songs.
I now have both albums. Some songs on my phone, all on my Ipod and all on my laptop.
It's just a shame I never listened to them before.
Lovely lyrics and great tune; 10/10.

Amazing | Reviewer: Angelina Jonnes | 3/11/09

Paramore is one of the few bands that have ceased to amaze me with their music. With Hayley's amazing voice combined with the bands heart cringing lyrics, Paramore stands as an inspiration. They keep it real but bring it forth. They're passionate sounds and rockin' combinations will make anyone smile. "All we know is falling" and "RIOT" are two unforgettable albums, from an unforgettable band.

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