Paramaecium Albums

  • Echoes From The Ground Album (9/7/2004)
    Night Fears Morning
    Over The Sea
    The Chosen Land
    They Tend To Die
    My Failing Heart

  • A Time To Mourn Album (3/22/1999)
    A Moment
    I'm Not To Blame
    My Thoughts
    Betrayed Again
    Enter In Time
    Live For The Day
    Even The Walls

  • Within The Ancient Forest Album (3/22/1996)
    In Exordium
    Song Of The Ancient
    I Am Not Alive
    The Grave, My Soul
    Gone Is My Former Resolve
    Of My Darkest Hour
    Darkness Dies

  • Exhumed Of The Earth Album (3/22/1993)
    The Unnatural Conception In Two Parts: The Birth And The Massacre Of The Innocents
    The Killing
    The Voyage Of The Severed
    Haemorrhage Of Hatred
    Removed Of The Grave

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