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Coldplay Parachutes Lyrics

Last updated: 12/11/2008 10:00:00 AM

In a haze of stormy haze,
I'll be round, I'll be loving you always, always.
Here I am and I take my time,
Here I am and I'll wait in line always, always.

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in love | Reviewer: vlastyr | 12/11/08

i am in love with her! and with this song too, yeah..cause we're talking about the song. hmm but i cant help it she's hot and funny and has a cute accent and and and and etc. oh yeah 'parachutes' rules.

Yaay. | Reviewer: Jessica | 7/5/07

This is definitely my favorite on the CD. It's so simple and beautiful. I agree - I almost wish it was longer.

It's lovely. | Reviewer: Corinne | 5/29/07

This song is short, yet very lovely. Infact, it makes you wish it was longer. But either way, this is a sure winner. It's lovely.