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The Dangerous Summer Parachute Lyrics

Last updated: 06/09/2012 12:00:00 PM

Take the reigns again. It was a pleasure to finally fall asleep without a stir out there with tons of burns. I get a lost sensation sent through my brain and hands. I know I better escape that part of me before I learn I can't stand the counter turn. It's still a nerve I can't figure out.

I will wake up fine in a place I love by myself. Yeah, it took some time, but at least I'm clear out of hell. I feel it coming on.

I parachute alone. I'm a life that's not worth saving. It's apparent I won't slow down yet. I take control of that feeling you don't care to believe in. I'm blind, but I'm still leading. I'm finding modern healing is sold in the dark for some of us.

A strong sleep to sedatives; I fear I firmly hide from it all now to quell the burn. I won't take the sound I heard. I'm going to find my own way to drown.

Hold my hands out like I'm starting to break . I'm seeing now what I'm doing to the people around me. I'm not supposed to care this much. I ask myself; yeah, who am I? Well, to anything, have I lost my health? I still harbor all my anger. I've been staring at the color in my veins, how they stay, how I still feel I'm tired, but awake. Somewhere out there there is someone thinking of what I haven't gave them yet and feeling that I can't in my disarray.