Papa Roach Lyrics

Papa Roach is...
Coby Dick - Vocals
Jerry - Guitar
Tobin - Bass
Dave - Drums

Bio #1

I'm super-flamboyant, super-happy, and super-pissed-off,"
understates Papa Roach frontman Coby Dick. "I'm off the
hook at shows. I've done stupid things where our lawyer was
going, 'You can't be doing that!' but I've also hugged a
million kids. How Nirvana was when they came out - that new
edge of giving kids a release of emotions - that's how I
hope people connect with Papa Roach's music. I want to
cause every emotion in people. I want them to fight, More...

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Review about Papa Roach songs
great song | Reviewer: ??????????
    ------ About the song No Matter What performed by Papa Roach

i agree i have been talking to my current girlfriend for a while and i could not find the words to describe my feelings and then i heard this song and it hit me like a ton of bricks that this was it and ever since i told her about it our relationship has been perfect

my children | Reviewer: Patsy Wences
    ------ About the song Broken Home performed by Papa Roach

As a mother I never wanted a broken home for you my home was both parentx but sometimes itz better broken than to suffer ag the hands of abuse, better alone than scared for life. Just know that the person missing dosnt have to define who you are rather make you stronger and wiser to change the future of the next generation into a better one because of you..I love you kids im here for you a nd I willing and be till I die and even then in my heart and yours we will aways be.

ananomys | Reviewer: edward
    ------ About the song Roses On My Grave performed by Papa Roach

Summer. I am 15 years old i have blonde hair, many scars no nose or ears.. I am dead. if you don't copy this just like from the ring on five more sites, i will appear one dark quiet night when your not expecting it by your bed with a knife and kill you. this is no joke something good will happen to you if you post this on five more pages. (I believe in god)

reality | Reviewer: Rilo
    ------ About the song Scars performed by Papa Roach

when I first heard this song I just went through a tough break up and every time I hear it I still think about her and the problem is that I think of her too much and I open up my heart to her all the time and after I give it to her she returns it into peices. And I really want her to b the one, but I know she won't be, but it is just so hard to get over her and I know I need to move on so I keep listening to the song to use it as a motivation on to never let that happen again and so I just want to say thank you papa R. U da best.

Relax , people | Reviewer: Bobby
    ------ About the song Not Listening performed by Papa Roach

In my opinion , Papa Roach`s songs transcend any particular dogma or belief system . If anything , they`re radical individualists . This can clearly be seen in their rejection of consumerism as shown by " Between Angels and Insects " as well as their condemnation of Hollywood " glamor queens " in " Hollywood Whore " . Their songs` casual treatment of taboo subjects such as murder , suicide , sexuality etc. also attests to that .

I can't thinking again | Reviewer: Banyu
    ------ About the song Between Angels And Insects performed by Papa Roach

This band, whatever their song like last resort, no matter what, blanket of the fear, scars, or hollywood whore make me can't think is true, you know guys when i hear Papa Roach songs myself want to rock dancing in my bedroom, my band take their genre, the genre of my band is Rap Rock, i think same with Papa Roach!!!

misss u soooooo much | Reviewer: Quatcher
    ------ About the song Forever performed by Papa Roach

This song helped me get through a pretty rough breakup with my ex a year and a half ago. We were togethor for just about four years. We loved eachother, like alot. we were togethor 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and loved every hour, minute, second. What came between us were all the drugs and the women.....I miss him soo much, it feels like a part of me is missing. The first month or two I didnt want to live, i couldnt eat, I wanted to die. I sat in a hotelroom with some guy going through the same shit with his girlfriend of six years. we listend to this song, and it hit us both hard. Every word in this song made so much sense and I just wanted to let u guys know. THANKS PAPA ROACH U FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE FROM BC CANADA

Thanks to my helper | Reviewer: Preley
    ------ About the song Scars performed by Papa Roach

I was down to the lowest point in my life. I thought my heart would never heal. I found you late one night and thought what have I got to lose? I ordered the Return My Lover Spell and within a 3 days she was back in my life thanks to you Dr. Lee of the

Love struck | Reviewer: Zero
    ------ About the song Scars performed by Papa Roach

I thought i was in love, it was just abusive. He scared me for life, i tried to fix him but all he did was hurt. I started to drink because it was just that bad, he betrayed me, and i still cared. In the end i told him, "Im sorry but ive gotta move on with my own life." <3 Papa Roach, rock on.

broken homes | Reviewer: Kasey!
    ------ About the song Broken Home performed by Papa Roach

Broken homes seem to be one of the biggest problems with the world causing ppl to grow up and end up with a bunch of emotional and mental issues like myself....growing up as a child my real father was never around and has never been in my life...but my mother has always been there and had my back no matter what direction I'm going in my life....she's my rock..hence why the lyrics "I know my mother loves me but does my father even care)" mean so much...u grew up all my childhood though dealing with the abusive stepfather crap getting the hell beat outta me everyday/every other day...and I'm now a 27 yr old male who can barely function in society or even handle being around ppl or I'm public due to all the severe post tramatic stress I suffer do to my childhood and it sucks believe me....but I also have to say that as much as I hate my upbringing almost everyday if it wasn't for that and besides the emotional and mental dissabilities I suffer I'm told all the time about how I'm such an open minded very intelligent person which is prolly thanks to the life I lived growing up or I wouldn't look at certain things in life the way I do and be the person I am to all the others suffering out there from a broken home remember suicide is not the answer bc I've struggled with that in my life too when I was in my teens but I've realized things CAN get better you just have to allow it and push yourself to make ur life better...remember your own happiness is what make the best of your life that you can...Sometimes you've gotta rescue yourself from all the crap and rise above!...I love a lot of papa roach...but broken home prolly saved my life by helping me realize I'm not all alone in the world with what I delt with growing up....So Keep your heads up! :)

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