Papa Roach Albums

  • The Connection Album (10/2/2012)
    Still Swingin'
    Where Did The Angels Go?
    Silence Is The Enemy
    Before I Die
    Wish You Never Met Me
    Give Me Back My Life
    Breathe You In
    Leader Of The Broken Hearts
    Not That Beautiful
    Walking Dead
    Won't Let Up
    As Far As I Remember
    Bonus Tracks
    What's Left Of Me
    9th Life
    Set Me Off
    You Gotta Want It

  • Time For Annihilation Album (8/31/2010)
    One Track Mind
    Kick In The Teeth
    No Matter What
    The Enemy
    Getting Away With Murder
    To Be Loved
    Hollywood Whore
    Time Is Running Out
    Between Angels And Insects
    Last Resort

  • Metamorphosis Album (3/24/2009)
    Change Or Die
    Hollywood Whore
    I Almost Told You That I Loved You
    Had Enough
    Live This Down
    March Out Of The Darkness
    Into The Light
    Carry Me
    Nights Of Love
    State Of Emergency

  • The Paramour Sessions Album (9/12/2006)
    To Be Loved
    Alive (N' Out Of Control)
    The World Around You
    I Devise My Own Demise
    Time Is Running Out
    What Do You Do?
    My Heart Is A Fist
    No More Secrets
    The Fire
    Roses On My Grave

  • Getting Away From Murder Album (8/30/2004)
  • lovehatetragedy Album (6/17/2000)
  • Infest Album (4/25/2000)
  • Old Friends From Young Years Album (2/4/1997)
  • Potatoes For Christmas Album (12/9/1994)

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    Reviews about Papa Roach albums
    My opinon on OFFYY | Reviewer: zeroxx
        ------ About the album Old Friends From Young Years performed by Papa Roach

    IMO I think Old Friends From Young Years is the best release Papa Roach has ever put out, the lyrics are raw, uncut, and uncensored (something I'm absolutely crazy about). It also shows how much of a pissed off rebel Jacoby Shaddix was back when he was a teen. The crappy garage-quality of the album doesn't annoy me, it just seems to add to the epicness and authenticity of the album. All in all the album is awsome and whenever I listen to it, It makes me want to jump around and start screaming about trying not to pee on myself. :)

    Papa roach metamorphosis | Reviewer: P
        ------ About the album Metamorphosis performed by Papa Roach

    Papa Roach did good ditching rap metal but the lawsuit against there old drummer most of got to there heads. Tobin esperance and jacoby shaddix the main song writers arent seem to be trying hard enough. the first track is boring same with the second. hollywood hore, i almost told you that i loved you, and lifeline are clearly the best tracks, but the others seem poorely done, and its position on the charts are terrible. I feel sorry for them since they are a good band.

    A great acheivment | Reviewer: Caz
        ------ About the album Getting Away From Murder performed by Papa Roach

    This album is one of faves (2nd place to Infest their 1st album!)the songs vary from moving (scars) to wild and fun (getting away from murder) at the moment they have released Getting away with murder and are about to release scars!!!!!!! Many of my friends describe the band as New Metal and if you are into this "brand" of music then this album has to be on your cd rack!!!!! preferebly on the very top!!!!! It absolutely rocks, if you like papa roach then you can buy the hoodies from the indoor market in canterbury thats where i get mine from they are really cool!!! 100% buy it,
    luv caz

    Cool Shit | Reviewer: Sugar Junkie
        ------ About the album Old Friends From Young Years performed by Papa Roach

    Some of papa roach's old stuff but fuck its so fucking amazing coby dick has a real talent this rap funk metal is so cool!

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