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Garth Brooks Papa Loved Mama Lyrics

Last updated: 03/14/2010 11:00:00 AM

Papa drove a truck nearly all his life
You know it drove mama crazy being a trucker's wife
The part she couldn't handle was the being alone
I guess she needed more to hold than just a telephone
Papa called Mama each and every night
Just to ask her how she was and if us kids were alright
Mama would wait for that call to come in
When Daddy'd hang up she was gone again.

Mama was a looker
Lord, how she shined
Papa was a good'n
But the jealous kind
Papa loved Mama
Mama loved men
Mama's in the graveyard
Papa's in the pen.

Well, it was bound to happen and one night it did
Papa came home and it was just us kids
He had a dozen roses and a bottle of wine
If he was lookin' to surprise us, he was doin' fine
I heard him cry for Mama up and down the hall
Then I heard a bottle break against the bedroom wall
That old diesel engine made an eerie sound
When Papa fired it up and headed into town.

Well, the picture in the paper showed the scene real well
Papa's rig was buried in the local motel
The desk clerk said he saw it all real clear
He never hit the brakes and he was shifting gears.


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Seriously Rebecka? | Reviewer: Nichole | 3/12/10

FIRST - this is JUST A SONG.
Second, do you really think this sort of thing hasn't been happening since the beginning of time? Get a freaking grip. Why not be mad at Bush for not stopping it? How about Jimmy Carter? Hell, why not Abe Lincoln or George Washington?

Seriously, shut up. You make women everywhere look like retards, and I, for one, cringe at your stupid remark.

Papa Loved Mama | Reviewer: Rebecka | 2/27/10

This is actually becoming more and more relevant, the wives cheating while their husbands are away. Indeed, it is truly a horrible thing, for the wives to do that. But what happens to the husbands? They are tossed aside, left to cry into their beers, while the tramps they were married to get to walk away as a free person. If you ask me, adultery should have a bigger punishment. But, of course, with our new *democratic* president, obama (not capitilized for a reason) there will not be stricter laws for things like that, there will be more taxes, more school hours, and more PROBLEMS. Period.

Papa Loved Mama | Reviewer: Alex Fisher | 3/19/07

I think is really sucks how the papa was out working to make a living for his family and his wife was out working the streets to get her own kick.