Pantera Albums

  • The Best Of Pantera: Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboy's Vulgar Hits Album (8/20/2003)
    Cowboys From Hell
    Cemetery Gates
    Mouth For War
    This Love
    I'm Broken
    5 Minutes Alone
    Planet Caravan
    Drag The Waters
    Where You Come From (Live)
    Cat Scratch Fever
    Revolution Is My Name
    I'll Cast A Shadow
    Goddamn Electric
    Hole In The Sky

  • Reinventing the Steel Album (3/14/2000)
    Goddamn Electric
    Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
    You've Got To Belong To It
    Revolution Is My Name
    Death Rattle
    We'll Grind That Axe For A Long Time
    It Makes Them Disappear
    I'll Cast A Shadow

  • 101 Proof - Official Live Album (8/20/1998)
    New Level
    5 Minutes Alone
    Sandblasted Skin
    Suicide Note Pt. II
    War Nerve
    This Love
    Strength Beyond Strength
    I'm Broken
    Cowboys From Hell
    Cemetary Gates
    Fucking Hostile
    Where You Come From
    I Can't Hide

  • The Great Southern Trendkill Album (3/1/1996)
    The Great Southern Trendkill
    War Nerve
    Drag the Waters
    13 Steps To Nowhere
    Suicide Note PT. I
    Suicide Note PT. II
    Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath)
    The Underground America
    (Reprise) Sandblasted Skin

  • Far Beyond Driven Album (3/15/1994)
  • Vulgar Display of Power Album (2/25/1992)
  • Cowboys from Hell Album (7/1/1990)
  • Power Metal Album (3/1/1988)
  • I Am The Night Album (3/1/1985)
  • Metal Magic Album (8/20/1983)

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    Reviews about Pantera albums
    ...We Need Pantera! | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album Metal Magic performed by Pantera

    Four kids fond of "hard rock" and "heavy metal" (Van Halen, Judas Priest, Scorpions and Mötley Crüe specially) founded a band which, a few years later, was transformed in a legend in the "metal" world.
    But, in 1.983, they were more admirers than artists. In this first work can be detected their veneration for the "hair/glam metal" of that era; their style, their clothes and their method to play the music show it unquestionably: the funny "Latest Lover", "Tell me If you Want It" and "Nothin' On but the Radio"; the harder "Metal Magic", the "ac/dcian" "Rock Out" and "Widowmaker"...and the same-old-story ballad of the genre: "Biggest Part of Me".

    The album begins so well, with the saying "In this day and time of metal magic we need "rock 'n' roll"...we need Pantera!!!". Yeah, an extraordinary opening. In fact, we need this band at the present time but we need to listen this initial album, which brought one of the best guitarist to us too: "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott.

    The Beginning of a New Direction | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album Power Metal performed by Pantera

    And...Phil Anselmo appeared.

    They were sick of Terry Glaze's obsessions; while "Dimebag" and company wanted to play a kind of tougher "heavy metal", subsisting lot of "thrash metal" bands, he only sought with a "hair/heavy metal" musical group.
    And the boys couldn't stand him to any further extent so...Phil Anselmo appeared. And the result doesn't changed their principles; well, "POWER METAL" sounds wilder and stronger, thanks to Mr. Anselmo voice. It seems to me that he wanted to be like Rob Halford when he screamed (and that's impossible).

    The blows are the same: intense "heavy metal" hymns like "Rock the World", "Proud to be Loud" (co-written by Marc Ferrari) or "We'll Meet Again" (an unknown Phil); the approximations to "thrash metal" and the later style of "COWBOYS FROM HELL" "Over and Out", "Power Metal", "Burn!" and the adjustment of brutal "Down Below". A rarity: "P.S.T.-'88", where "Dimebag" sang in it. It was the initial blastoff of a new direction along the music business to this band.

    Great Conclusion | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album I Am The Night performed by Pantera

    The last album with Terry "Terrence Lee" Glaze maintained the same musical technique than "PROJECTS IN THE JUNGLE", but tougher. It can shows just with the vocal testimonies, very close to the vocal style of Udo Dirkschneider (ACCEPT).
    It's a mind-blowing "(pure) heavy metal" album with memorable songs, or anthems, if you prefer, like "Hot And Heavy", "Onward We Rock", "Right On The Edge"...
    We got other "metal" shots as the sharp "Down Below", the "whitesnakedian" "Come-on Eyes" and the "PROJECTS IN THE JUNGLE" waste "Valhalla", which the band incorporated to this work. "Darrell Goes to the Movies/Daughters of the Queen" or the sweet ballad "Forever Tonight" gives more flexibility to the album.

    This is a big f*****g "heavy metal" band. Few can rival with these guys, in other words.

    hard to compare... | Reviewer: Dale Campbell
        ------ About the album The Great Southern Trendkill performed by Pantera

    it's hard to compare pantera against pantera, any song, any album...can't compare. Great Southern Trendkill is my favorite album by these guys. I love them all but Trendkill is my fav because it has variety. Of course it's heavy metal through and through, but it has variety from Suicide Note part 1, to part 2, from Floods to sandblasted SKin/underground in America. The first song starts off with a scream. Man what a scream.

    Cowboys From Hell Review | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Cowboys from Hell performed by Pantera

    Great Albums Songs Like Cowboys From Hell, Domination, Cemetary Gates, The Art Of Shredding, Clash With Reality, Shattered, And Psycho Hoilday really make this album great and the rest of the songs off it are good to.Adding to that the guitar solos and riffs are perfect by Dimebag Darrell my personal favorite guitarist

    Main review for this album | Reviewer: David Whitton
        ------ About the album I Am The Night performed by Pantera

    Like their first two albums, I Am The Night also showcases Pantera as a glam-metal band, but unlike their first two albums, this album is heavier in sound than it’s two predecessors. Pantera’s thrash-metal influences on this record were more apparent, as some of the songs on this record show. This album also turned out to be one of Pantera’s biggest-selling independent albums, having shifted 25,000 copies in the US. This album also turned out to be the last Pantera album to feature Terry Glaze on lead vocals, who would leave the band the following year due to dispute over musical direction and be replaced by Phil Anselmo.

    Main review for this album | Reviewer: David Whitton
        ------ About the album Metal Magic performed by Pantera

    This album is Pantera's first real album. Like their later releases of the 1980s, this album showcases Pantera as a glam-metal group and the title to this record is also the name of their independent record company, which also featured their later 80s albums. Instead of Philip Anselmo fronting the group, Terry Glaze has the frontman spot and a few of the songs on this album you can hear on YouTube (the title track, "Tell If You Want It" and "Nothin' On (But The Radio)"). Despite that, this is a hard-to-find collector's item.

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