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Pansy Division Biography

Last updated: 09/22/2011 12:00:00 PM

Pansy Division is a gay rock band that had its beginnings in San Francisco in the early 1990s. Guitarist/vocalist Jon Ginoli started the band in 1991 with a batch of songs and an idea about forming a band he'd dreamed of but had never heard. Bassist/vocalist Chris Freeman quickly joined, and together they formed the nucleus of the band. After a series of drummers, Luis joined the lineup at the end of 1996, and guitarist Patrick Goodwin was added in spring 1997. Significantly, both Luis and Patrick were already Pansy Division fans who had met the band at shows, and when recruited, jumped at the chance to join the band.

From the beginning--their first 45 in 1992 and first album in 1993--San Francisco's Pansy Division attracted interest and curiosity. One of the first all-gay rock bands, their good humor, in your face lyrics, and catchy pop-punk stylings have continued to amass a growing and diverse following. They did their first tour in 1993, and in 1994 spent two months touring with Green Day, exposing them to a mass audience. They've been busy ever since, crisscrossing the US and Canada numerous times, as well as two European tours and visits to Australia and New Zealand.

Absurd Pop Song Romance, their most recent release, is their first recording as a quartet. It's a major leap in the band's development, a launch of what is really their 2nd career. The 1997 CD More Lovin' From Our Oven marked the end of the 3 piece, stripped down, basic rock format. After the More Lovin' album, the band realized they'd reached the goals they had at the band's inception, and decided to do something different. Now a 2 guitar/4 piece lineup, the band first toured as a quartet in the fall of 1997. In March 1998, they recorded their latest CD, Absurd Pop Song Romance, with famed engineer Steve Albini at his studio in Chicago. The album was released in September 1998 on Lookout Records. Having started with a minimalist approach, the sound is now fuller, richer, darker, more rock, more pop, and more beautiful than in the past.

Pansy Division toured less in 1999, mostly playing cities in the US and Canada they hadn't visited in a while. After making six albums in six years, they didn't make one in 1999, but are slowly beginning work on another. Though no touring is scheduled for the year 2000, the band will play occasional shows and make appearances at several gay pride events in various cities this year.

Chris Freeman--bass, vocals
Jon Ginoli--guitar, vocals
Patrick Goodwin--guitar, vocals

Bio above is from, Recommended by William.