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Chevelle Panic Prone Lyrics

Last updated: 11/29/2010 10:00:00 AM

Gave in again, the bastard.
Can't keep refusing rights
So he'll loan the cash,
But the sin
Is on the hands of you.

So to care or
Plead silence,
Weak hands are calling.

There's close enough,
And there's too far,
It won't change an empty stare.
But I can't seem to end
These images,
Hauntingly looks like hell.

[Chorus x2]

Come, Enter the foreign.
Face, All that's shameful.
Cheat, May the past find
Out; Separating...


To end this catastrophic scene
Awake and breathe in.
(To care or,care or,
To care or , care or]

Thanks to Leyla for submitting Panic Prone Lyrics.

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amazing | Reviewer: Calamity | 11/29/10

Chevelle... Every song i have heard amazes me more and more. This song calms me down more than i would have thought possible. I love the hypnotic trancelike sound it has. This song, it tells me me, hey you know all this shit thats happened? Well youll make it through this just like with all those. Just hang on, youll be fine. Thats what i get from it anyway.

Enthralled | Reviewer: Swa | 5/6/09

Completly in love and enthralled with Chevelle, they completely amaze me with every song I hear...this song hits me deep, it reminds me of the outside view of a loved one on drugs. My mother was hooked for quite a while and this song reminds me of it. Chevelle continues to wow me with their hypnotic music.

AWESOME | Reviewer: Spike | 9/9/08

Chevelle is one of my favorite bands, and Panic Prone would have to be one of my favorite songs along with Vitamin R and Get Some off of This Type Of Thinking Could Do Us In. Along with Chevelle, my top two favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace.

explosive guitars | Reviewer: Canadian Rocker | 11/16/07

Chevelle blows my mind with their continuing creativity on guitar and vocals. A MUST on everyones fav list!!

AMAZING! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/07

I love chevelle they are by far my favorite band... and honestly I dont think too many more can compare!

Chevelle=D | Reviewer: Titchy | 7/6/07

Chevelle are the shit, download their album now! Their songs reach you on so many levels, listen to them on ya own wen its quiet and reflect...

lalalala | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

i like this`s really good and calm...
it`s nice :)

WOW | Reviewer: h4x0r | 6/3/07

deffinatily one of the most infleuntial bands that i have ever heard....friggin awesome!