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Chevelle Panic Prone Lyrics

Last updated: 11/29/2010 11:00:00 AM

Gave in again, the bastard.
Can't keep refusing rights
So he'll loan the cash,
But the sin
Is on the hands of you.

So to care or
Plead silence,
Weak hands are calling.

There's close enough,
And there's too far,
It won't change an empty stare.
But I can't seem to end
These images,
Hauntingly looks like hell.

[Chorus x2]

Come, Enter the foreign.
Face, All that's shameful.
Cheat, May the past find
Out; Separating...


To end this catastrophic scene
Awake and breathe in.
(To care or,care or,
To care or , care or]
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