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Pandaemonium Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 06:25:48 AM

Drummer Arien and Guitarist Joris formed Pandaemonium in 1994.
Until 1995, they played just for fun with no intentions of becoming a powerful metal band
. When Vocalist Sander, Bass player Eric and Vocalist Jurgen were introduced in the band,
Pandaemonium was seriously started.
Not later the second guitarist Michiel joined the band.
With this formation, Pandaemonium had some magnificent highlights:

In 1997 they recorded their first demo called: Misanthropic.
It became Demo of the Month in the 1998-march edition of Aardschok.
They won the "bandstrijd 1998" in the Tavenu in Waalwijk, played on the mainstage of 013
and preformed with bands like Armorphis, Crustacean, Oceans of sadness and Present Danger.

In October 1998 they went back to the studio to record their mini CD: Beyond the powers of death.
Which was mixed in RS29 by Oscar Holleman, known for his work with Orphanage,
Gorefest and Ayreon. It was released in January 1999.

Their music is best described as Death metal with influences from Black and Trash metal.
The songs have become more mature with the years, nowadays their music is brutal,
technical and still catchy. Every gig they play is done with 200 % motivation,
and be assured you will bang your head on songs like:
Those who shine upon us, Into decay and Sin of devotion.

In the summer of 2000, guitar player Michiel and vocalist Jurgen left Pandaemonium.
Only a few months later a new guitar player was found: Robbert.
Which was a big step for Pandaemonium, because the whole band previously excisted out of close friends.
Pandaemonium chooses not to start with a new second vocalist, but will now continue with only one vocalist.

So at the end of the year 2000, Pandaemonium is bit reborn.
Lots of new material is written and plans are made to record a new demo.
One thing is absolutely sure: Pandaemonium is regaining their brutal sound
which could be heard on their demo: Misanthropic.
Only with one difference:
It will be faster, more progressive and a lot more mature.

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