Pale Forest Albums

  • Anonymous Caesar Album (4/30/2003)
    Anonymous Caesar
    Welcome To The Machine
    Exit Mould (Live)
    These Old Rags (Live)
    Stigmata (Broken Instruments Version)

  • Exit Mould Album (8/1/2001)
    Exit Mould
    Urban Walls / Orphan Heart
    A Perspective On Certain Matters According To X
    The Pale Suit Of Drunkenness
    Mr. Trenchcoat
    These Old Rags
    Holy Summer
    Mistaken Identity

  • Of Machines And Men Album (8/1/2000)
    A Second Opinion
    Part II
    Proom Queen
    Becoming One
    Taller, Yet Smaller
    Sound Of The Machine
    Mentally Deranged
    We Have Died

  • Transformation Hymns Album (8/1/1998)
    Once Again
    Karma Violins
    Puny Minds
    Asylum Pyre
    Nothing Left
    Bedlam Friends
    Layer One
    Transformation Hymns
    Remnant Song
    Butterfly Clan

  • Layer One Album (8/1/1998)

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    Reviews about Pale Forest albums

    Pale Forest "Exit Mould" deserves to be canonized as a top 100 Gothic Metal album of all time."Exit Mould" is a Gothic Metal Masterpeice and Timeless Classic. | Reviewer: Ron L. Schaff Mabe, Jr.
        ------ About the album Exit Mould performed by Pale Forest

    Pale Forest is a World Class Metal Band.

    Kristin Fjellseth is a World Class Vocalist.

    Pale Forest "Exit Mould" is a metal classic in the same breath as The 3rd and the Mortal "Tears Laid in Earth" (Voices of Wonder/ Norway), The Gathering "Mandylion" (Century Media), The 3rd and the Mortal "Painting on Glass" (Voices of Wonder/ Norway), The Gathering "Nighttime Birds" (Century Media, Atrox "Mesmerized" (Head Not Found/ Norway), Theatre of Tragedy "Aegis" (Massacre Records), Tristania "Beyond The Veil" (Napalm Records), Flowing Tears "Jade" (Century Media), Tactile Gemma "Tactile Gemma" (Season of Mist), Dismal Euphony "Python Zero" (Nuclear Blast), and Tristania " World of Glass" (Napalm Records".

    The debut album from Pale Forest was titled "Transformation Hymns". This band with a more razor sharp focus on the bands vision, and with a bigger recording budget from Listenable Records; Pale Forest grows into a band, that is peerless with their own sound.

    Think of "Exit Mould" as "Transcendence Hymns", over the bands worldwide competition. The sunshine that brought this band transformation on the debut now, gives this band transcendence.

    Every song on "Exit Mould" is mindblowing and awe-inspired. This albums displays a impressive amount of growth, in comparison to the bands Voices of Wonder releases, "Transformation Hymns" and "Of Machines & Men"

    The attention to detail concerning the songwritng nuances, and songwriting dynamics, is only half of the appeal of why this albums rules. Another important, aspect to this bands timeless appeal is the vocal lines are all perfect. And Kristin Fjellseth's, training and dedication to music really pays off in a big way, for her and Pale Forest on "Exit Mould".

    "Exit Mould" is a album you can remember for days on end, you can recall this album from memory. Very few bands in the modern era can accomplish that, because no cares to write timeless music anymore, because most bands in the modern era are only interested in speed for the sake of speed, and heaviness for its own sake.

    The band is highly original especially the timbre, and vocal talent of Kristin Fjellseth. No other band sounds like Pale Forest, on the planet. Pale Forest is peerless, unparalleled and this album will stand the test of time.

    Choice cuts: Stigmata, Exit Mould, Spiral, Revelation, and Mr. Trenchcoat.

    Long Live Pale Forest ...!!!!!!

    Long Live Kristin Fjellseth ...!!!!

    Exit Mould
    Urban Walls/ Orphan Heart
    A Perspective on Certain Matters According to X
    The Pale Suit of Drunkenness
    Mr. Trenchcoat
    These Old Rags
    Holy Summer*
    Mistaken Identity

    Catalouge # POSH034. EAN 3 760053 840349. This CD comes in 2 pressings. The original Jewel Case version and a Slipcover Collectors Edition.

    Kristin Fjellseth...Vocals
    Jarle Hagen...Guitars and Vocals
    Tommy Jorgensen...Guitars
    Lars Magnus Jenssen...Bass and Vocals
    Eyvind Brox...Keyboards

    Pale Forest Crew:
    Gunleik Ask Fjellseth, Jonny Johansen, and Lars Siveindtajet.

    *Holy Summer Orignally Written by She8 (Ellingsen, Indregaard, Jenssen, and Skaugvik.

    ...In Loving Memory of Margareth Jenssen...

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