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Tabitha's Secret? Paint Me Blue Lyrics

Last updated: 05/19/2005 12:00:00 PM

There's not enough of me well,
There's way too much of you
I think I saw some happy people yesterday and that'll never do.
There's never too much violence,
Ain't it time we had a war
You leave on your shirt and I'll be skins
And we'll go flying through the door
(intro to chorus 1)
These are violent times
And I only want to do my part,
To sink to hatreds depths and smile at what we've all become
I need understanding,
Just a pack or two,
To help me with my troubles, and what to do's
I don't feel no raging,
There ain't nothing new,
Drop me in the ocean,
And paint me blue.
I don't have a worry,
I don't have a care,
I don't have a sound piece of mind,
But I manage to fare
I don't like neighbors,
Well they're just not my kind
And I think it might be all for the whales,
And I really don't mind
(intro to chorus 2)
If these are the golden years,
Then I think it's time to cash them in
To sit in our rocking chairs
And talk about the good old days
(intro to chorus 1)

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