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Pain Teens Biography

Last updated: 12/26/2003 09:56:06 PM

I asks poems I readership USA sing .I have 3 book poet,I asks poems I for men and women world sing
But does not knows ، solution any is ??? any diagram ?
.what me?
Are you help me ??Are your job.?..

Mohammad reza

poet 1
You are an angel
You are a sign god
You are the one
The one who laughs in my laughers
The one who is my unwritten dream
You are a drop of god s ocean
You are the one I like to die for

poet 2

I was late
In the shaking sun of winter
The alley s sleep was serious for me
I wish I know my grandmother s garden had no apple for me
I wish
I wouldn’t share my colored pencil with no one
When I painted reaching you in waiting lullaby
I knew
The destiny wrote me a roofless sleep and everybody know
But they don’t say
I understand as always
I am late

poet 3
For you
I will be a shy lover like ancient loves
For you
I will make a house in embrace of corn poppy
For you
I will wipe a winter of snow
For you
I will be like a restless child for hid toys
For you
I want a night as a world
For you
I will be an unpatient pennyroyal to see a cold dew
For you
I will be drawn in sleep of sarrow
For you
I will write a poem without beginning
For you
I will carve a stone that no one can
For you
I will burst into tears that no rain can be better
For you
The winter will be the fifth season , forever
For you ,for you
I will be always the same one

poet 4

I passed the lonely less alley
I reached to you eyes
I woke up
I stared to the window
I did not remember, the rain quarrel with me
How is to be sad for you
I love this love story with you
My dream is wrapped with the wind
They ruined the sun alley for moonlight arrival
It is the sound of rain kiss at the moment , that is passing my window
I know
The rain feel pity for me
Love s sarrow is beautiful
I will wait for the first spring to see rain s friendship
The rain is my tear s competitor
And you are my rain

poet 5

A glance is remained from your eye s past
A cloud is lost from yesterday s sunset
I reached to night when
I was passing your story
I was alone
To define that memory
The memory made me a proud
The king song of my smile
Found the breeze in the sound of rain

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