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To be able to reveal the roots of Swedish Pain of
Salvation, we have to go back to 1984 when
vocalist/guitarist Daniel Gildenlow formed the band Reality
at the mere age of 11. Despite their youth they received
attention in Swedish media because of their musical

At the fall of 1987 Reality qualify to the Swedish Annual
Music Contest "Rock-SM" (the same contest that made Swedish
“Europe” big in the early eighties) as the youngest
competitors ever. Daniel Gildenlow also wins the prize for
Best Vocalist. The same year the More...

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Review about Pain Of Salvation songs
Actual meaning | Reviewer: Serge
    ------ About the song Ashes performed by Pain Of Salvation

Much more complex than just love/hate-trying to let go, as this is part of a full album concept. Can't be too specific or explicit about the actual meaning but I can say it ilustrates intimacy between the main characters, hints on how their backgrounds have distorted their personalities and the bewilderment the physical and psychological clash causes on at least one of them. Support PoS! Get the album and enjoy!

song meaning | Reviewer: Jon
    ------ About the song Ashes performed by Pain Of Salvation

To me he's singing about finding new love and it scares him bc he knows the pain associated with it. That maybe he's found someone like himself (as these two broken barren desolate worlds collide). Afraid of love but feeling himself slipping away to her.. he doesn't want to repeat his past.

The saddest song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Oblivion Ocean performed by Pain Of Salvation

This is the saddest song ever, the only one that can make me cry. The image of a son asking his father if he'll be dead for a long time, it just... destroys me. The praywr of a father whose son is going to get killed. So horrible. So true. I imagine a death camp everytime. It's so horrible. We are worse than any animal, slaughtering children, murdering each other. We're brothers! And here, a father must live after his child has died, losing everything, the center of his life. It does create an oblivion ocean.

best love song | Reviewer: vinsanity
    ------ About the song This Heart Of Mine performed by Pain Of Salvation

we've all heard a lot of em. But this one makes me fight tears like no other. I dedicate it to my second love which is over now and it still gets me when I hear it. Every one of their album's concepts are so valid to everyone's lives, I believe.

Revival | Reviewer: Mike Patton (Faith No More)
    ------ About the song Revival performed by Pain Of Salvation

It's a song that refreshes your being and there are so many concepts attached to the song that seems to be a resume of pain and misery that thousands of people keep suffering including gobernmental abuse, difficult childhood, corruption, and so on. But yet there's an implicit message of hope and encourage to open your eyes and meet the revival from a life of misery to something new ("visions that die")

Wow.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Trace Of Blood performed by Pain Of Salvation

These lyrics are so emotional. I did not know what the song was about before I read these lyrics, and when I read the lyrics I got goosebumps all over my body. This was the first time I've reacted this way over lyrics for a song so I guess that means these are the best lyrics I've ever read. Losing a child at birth must be awful. This song has a new meaning for me now. Perfect song, truly touching lyrics.

Pilgrim | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pilgrim performed by Pain Of Salvation

i´ve heard this song before, but as it always is, cerain songs strike one at certain times. I´m currently far away from my home and feeling alone and displaced; i read these lyrics and almost cried. I know exactly how this guy feels. Beautiful and throughly human, Mr. Gildenlow.

The one you hate to love. | Reviewer: Kraven
    ------ About the song Ashes performed by Pain Of Salvation

This song kinda reminds me of the feeling of hating to love someone, you keep wanting them, you keep being with them, you simply wont give up cause you love them, but you hate them for loving them.

The feeling of being lost with them, the hopeless fighting, the longer it goes the more 'insane' both becomes "Who is the one with the sickest mind?", yet cant give it up cause of the love.

That is what i believe this song is about, the one you hate to love.

i can relate to this | Reviewer: Sara
    ------ About the song Ashes performed by Pain Of Salvation

exactly how i feel. i just went through a bad month long breakup with my ex boyfriend of 2 years, he just left so sudden, and i feel like i need someone, anyone, to fill the space he filled my life with. were not together anymore, and it kills me, and that gap will always beleft open, i cant follow what the song is doing, but i can feel the same way it does....great song...

The best brick in a song ever | Reviewer: Alexander Strøm Ekelund
    ------ About the song Nightmist performed by Pain Of Salvation

the part where he screams "WHY SHALL I DIE!"
is the best "brick" in a song ever, i love the way they sort if make a topp, then pause the whole thing before he screams out "why shall i die"

damn i just simply love this song! Nightmist
\m/d(+_+)b\m/ looking forward to watching them live at "Motstøy" metal festival in norway ;)

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