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Pain is a band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They formed in
1995 by life long friends Dan Lord (Singer) and Mark
Milewicz, a.k.a. Pose (bass). Pain is your average punk
band with the exception of having a trumpet player,
trombone player, and a saxophone player. However they
themselves say they are NOT ska. Pain is simply what they
want to be. Often their songs are based off of their
keyboard player. Or just simple, catchy tunes like
"Squarepegs" or "Futz Said Julie". All around goodness.
Pain began playing shows in their local dorms and More...

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Review about Pain (American Band) songs
I love the video and the song Jabberjaw | Reviewer: Pablo Braunelli
    ------ About the song Jabberjaw performed by Pain (American Band)

I got it on my Tivo cuz it's awesome. I never could tell the exact words cuz they sing it so fast. Whether you have the exact words or not, I love it. I never thought I would say "Thank You" to pain (except if I get Vicodin). The End

Fun for the older cartoon network/boomerang folks | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song Jabberjaw performed by Pain (American Band)

I've been seeing this video before they play the smurfs on Boomerang. If you dvr the show videos like Josie and the Pussy cats, Huckleberry hound and others that were first seen in the old days of CN play between the shows as a commercial filler... but you may have more luck finding it on youtube or other places like it... I've been hoping to see the BooBoo Baba Dee dee one for awhile... oh well

It's out there | Reviewer: Falos
    ------ About the song Jabberjaw performed by Pain (American Band)

Someone's managed to get the clip of the cartoon network's run of the song and post it to youtube. If you've seen it before, you'll almost certainly remember it once you watch it.

Another excellent addition | Reviewer: Will
    ------ About the song Jabberjaw performed by Pain (American Band)

Jabberjaw's not exactly like most of Pain's songs, but it's defiantly up there in quality. Very catchy, and extremely nostalgic. It's kind of hard to find these days, but it's worth the work, trust me.

A review | Reviewer: Obake
    ------ About the song Full Speed Ahead performed by Pain (American Band)

I really don have much of a review more than I do praise of this song. This is by far one of my favorite songs that Pain has ever created. Right up there with Goggins and Jonathan Fallow. In this song though, 'Full Speed Ahead', the lyrics are witty and amazing as always. Incorporating large words in quickly sung verses is a talent unique to Pain and is done in this song very well. Everything about this song, from the chorus to the horns is just plain awesome.

PS. Come back Pain!

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