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Pain (American Band) Biography

Last updated: 12/29/2007 11:00:00 AM

Pain is a band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They formed in 1995 by life long friends Dan Lord (Singer) and Mark Milewicz, a.k.a. Pose (bass). Pain is your average punk band with the exception of having a trumpet player, trombone player, and a saxophone player. However they themselves say they are NOT ska. Pain is simply what they want to be. Often their songs are based off of their keyboard player. Or just simple, catchy tunes like "Squarepegs" or "Futz Said Julie". All around goodness. Pain began playing shows in their local dorms and clubs. And after getting a strong following in their area they released their first album called Goggins, in 1995. This album had some early versions of some of Pain's best songs, such as "Excalibur" and "The Man Upstairs". Goggins got them enough radio play to finally release a full length album on SpringMan Records. In 1997 pain released their second CD Midgets with guns. In my opinion this is one of the greatest albums ever. With fun rowdy songs like "Fight" to the musical genius and amazing singing in "One Legged Girl" This was Pain's best selling album to date. Later this album was rereleased in Australia where Pain also has many fans. The next year in 1998 Pain released their third CD Wonderful Beef. Wonderful Beef continued to prove Pain was an amazing band that just knows how to write aweosme songs! The song "In A Band" is still my personal theme song. And by this time Pain had made 2 music videos. One for "Squarepegs" which was Pain playing live at some club. And A video for "In A Band" which was hilarious, Adam Guthrie (guitar) falls out of their van while they driving to a show and tries to get to the show while the rest of the band looks for him. There is even a scene where a pick up truck falls off a cliff and at the bottom there is an obvious MatchBox car falling. And eventually He meets up wioth the rest of the band to rock out in a bowling alley at the end of the video. Awesome! By 1999 Pain's popularity was known (in some way by everyone) Pain had made a deal with Cartoon Network to make a song for an old TV show called JabberJaw. They did the song and made a video of Pain playing as The Neptunes (JabberJaw's old band) this song introduced (myself) and millions of people to Pain. I probably watched that video a million times when it came out. And my friends still sing that song in the car. Anyway in 1999 Pain released their fourth album Full Speed Ahead on Vegas Records. This album was by far one of their best. The songs "Right On" and Cap'n Scrub" Just make you want to go nuts. And Pain's Latest release was in 2001 with On Air. A collection of some of Pain's live radio shows. This album is very cool, not only are the songs played very well, but this album proves how much Pain really has fun and enjoys what they do. A winner for the whole family. But as of lately Pain has not been touring or releasing any albums. I contacted Pose myself and the word is that members of Pain are doing their own thing, and he just doesn't know if Pain will break up "difficult to see the dark side is" -(Pose pulling a yoda quote on me) But how fitting it is. Aside Pain is:

Dan Lord - Vocals
Mark Milewicz - Bass
Adam Guthrie - Guitar
George Kennedy - Drums
Elizabeth Milewicz - Keyboard
Stuart McNair - trumpet
Chris Johnson - Saxophone
Jason Reid - Trombone


1996 - Goggins
1997 - Midgets With Guns (including foreign releases)
1998 - Wonderful Beef
1999 - Full Speed Ahead
1999 - Jabberjaw EP
2001 - On Air

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