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Sonata Arctica Paid In Full Lyrics

Last updated: 08/27/2013 07:34:16 AM

I was nowhere near ready when all it ended
So I hoped we could find a new day, cannot live without you

You gave me the chance, time and again, in vain
Now my feelings for you, every tear, every smile, paid in full
Break the chain, but no longer can I take the pain

It's hard for me to love myself right now,
I've waited, hated, blamed it all on you

Needed to be strong, yet I was always too weak
So I can only blame myself for this state we are in
I will take what you have for me now, if it's not too late
Did you change? I did too. Love can grow from the last grain

It's hard for me to love myself right now,
I've waited, hated, blamed it all on you

I need you less and less
Every day fix this moral decay
Yet I have grown to love you even more

I fall back, and I turn another cheek.
You mouth the words you're not ready to speak
You're scared of me now; no I never had a clue
That I'd become so much stronger than you.

I will take what you have for me now, if it's not too late

If you like I will leave, I will not miss the last train again

It's hard for me to love myself right now,
I've waited, hated, blamed it all on you...

It's hard for me to love your face right now
I'm waiting, hating, needing being me

I need you less and less and
Every day leads us farther away
From that moment

It's hard for me to hate myself right now
Finally I'm understanding me
One day we may have whole new me's and you's
But first I need to learn to love me too....

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"Love can grow from the last grain" | Reviewer: Raven | 8/27/13

This actually reminds me of my current relationship.
Struggling to find love in a "dead" relationship, giving them a chance over and over again, and still finding out that you love them, no matter what bad they have done and how much you would want to hate them.
In the process they find out that they need to love who they are before they can even begin to love someone else.

It makes a lot of sense. You need to know what love is before you can truly love someone else. And in the end, they learn to love themselves.

Wonderful~ | Reviewer: Rachel | 10/6/12

So, I have to say, which I know a lot of people say it too, but a big part of what makes Sonata Arctica so amazing is that their lyrics reveal what a lot of us feel in life. I've personally been able to put one of their songs to every single moment in my life. This band is amazing. Also, to the chap that posted that they can never buy anything of theirs where they live. TRY LIVING IN REDNECK COUNTRY AMERICA. God it's horrible! The land of country, rap, and -shudders- gospel! The only time I ever see any of their merchandise for sale is when I go to So yeah, try that!

!!!! WOW | Reviewer: Tono kotikakko | 12/10/10

Amazing band and amazing song! Finland will always be the home of power metal and i hope Sonata Arctica open the doors up for you all and let you appreciate the style!
there are loads of bands out there like Stratovarius, Cain's Offering, Revolution rennaissance, the list literally goes on, but out of all of them Sonata Arctica is the most moving and beautiful 5/5

GODLIKE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/09

man.. theys guys... are really really good! imo they need to do more stuff around New Zealand and Australia because i cant even buy a poster... or an album of them... im thinking of flying to Europe just to see them live! sorry guys i had to download your songs :( BUT I HAVE THEM ALL! YOU GUYS ROCK!?!?!?!

Fantastic | Reviewer: Dan | 7/20/08

This song is absolutely amazing. I remember watching the video on their website and just sitting there with my mouth open.

They're one of my favourite bands EVER. But I haven't been able to see them live yet. A friend told me that they have enormous stage presence.

I firts found out about them from a free DVD with the Don't Say A Word video on it that came with the Metal Hammer magazine.

This is one of my favourite songs of all time!!! Amazing!!!

Fucking awsome | Reviewer: Erkki | 2/15/08

I watched these guys play live when they came to Edmonton Alberta, and it was the greatest concert of all..I've seen Metallica and others play but this was better by a million times than the others i saw! Keep Rocking boys and hope to see you next year! And some advice for the viewers of this comment.....if Sonata Arctica is playing within a 200 mile radius and you can afford to see them...Do It!

Awesomeness! | Reviewer: Brian | 12/11/07

I saw these guys in concert at the blue bird theatre in denver on sept 19, 2007 and even though it was a small concert it was by far the best concert I have ever been too.

I'm so happy I found out about these guys | Reviewer: DieLand | 9/29/07

I found out about these guys on UVTV (a podcast with metal/hardcore music videos available free form iTunes) and I think they're amazing! Great power metal!

Well Done | Reviewer: Tony | 5/10/07

I can see that you have already placed all of the lyrics, its nice to see that sonata arctica has this kind of fans, peace