Page France Albums

  • Page France And The Family Telephone Album (5/8/2007)
    The Ruby Ring Man
    Wet Dog Afternoon
    Mr. Violin And Dancing Bear
    Be My Pianist
    Hat And Rabbit
    A Belly To The Sea
    The Belly In The Fish
    Rooster And Its Crow
    The Joker's Joke
    Here's A Telephone
    Beggar's Table Legs
    Circus Head (Nobody Knows)
    Casting Day

  • Tomato Morning Album (11/1/2006)
    Without A Diamond Ring
    Give Him A Blanket
    Who Cracked Your Egg?
    Tomato Morning

  • Sister Pinecone Album (4/18/2006)
    No One Likes A Bleeder
    Weatherman, Section One
    Weatherman, Section Three
    Passengers Laughing
    Antarctica (My Beloved Home)

  • Pear Album (4/18/2006)
    Million Man Money Hand
    All Things, All Right
    Talking Out-Louds
    Ladder Man
    The Saddest Ones
    Young One
    Everybody Knows
    Say Wolf In The Summertime

  • Hello, Dear Wind Album (11/1/2005)
  • Come, I'm A Lion! Album (12/21/2004)

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