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Page France Biography

Last updated: 01/12/2006

To say the least, Page France has handcrafted some sort of love affair. Arriving significantly late, then stirring up the guest room with a batch of songs that would perk the ears of a hummingbird. It is the sort of blend that would so swiftly hit you in the lip, then immediately bemoan the sore knuckles. It is a completion in it's rarest of forms for writer, Michael Nau, embracing the ephemeral while nearly mocking the perpetual. It has hindsight lenses at the legs, a foresight panic at the shoulders, and a soothing, present tense vegetation as the mid-section. This is Page France waltzing confidantly through the doorway to shake your hand and, with the most polite of manners,introducing himself before connecting himself to your side. The introductory album; "Come, I’m a lion!” was written in the Spring of 2004, with the ever so pleasant accompaniment of multi-instrumentalist and friend, Clinton Jones, before independently recording the album at "this is our furnace" in late June of 2004. The release is a delicate glimpse into the telescope of things yet to come, while bubbling with utmost character as each track is so precisely crafted to its core. Sparking subtly with glass-pitched sing-a-longs before bursting sweetly into what could adequately be described as mid-air.

This is just the start of a long winded love affair.