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Pagan Lorn Biography

Last updated: 11/16/2011 11:00:00 AM

PAGAN LORN was founded in Luxembourg during 1994. After a long and severe time of reheasel they published their first album Black Wedding In December 1996.

Black Wedding offers a high amount of melody and rhythmic speres, and it brakes musical limits without any compromises. And style is represented, from melodic and epic Gothic ("The Eternal") to brutal Metal ("Absent Minded").

The release was followed by a large number of nationakl and international concerts with well knows bands like "Die Krupps", "Ashbury Faith", "Ryker's", "Oomph", "The Breath of Life",...

The following summer PAGAN LORN met producer and engineer Joachim Kopka and decided to record their second album Nihilennium.

The second longplayer offers once again PAGAN LORN's well known richness of soundscapes, without loosing their musical aim. This time the influence reaches from Doom-like mid-tempo tracks ("Gone And Forgotten") over melancolic melodies ("Freezing Lust") to pure musical madness ("Collapsed"). This is all combined with the typical dark atmosphere of PAGAN LORN (tracks to be listened to: "Silence For A Day", "Outrage" and "Prone").

Nihilennium will be followed by a high amount of live performances which is the real strenght of PAGAN LORN. They will always try to emphasise their musical output and to give to the fans what they want and what they really need: true hard music!