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I asks poems I readership USA sing .I have 3 book poet,I
asks poems I for men and women world sing
But does not knows ، solution any is ??? any diagram ?
.what me?
Are you help me ??Are your job.?..

Mohammad reza

poet 1
You are an angel
You are a sign god
You are the one
The one who laughs in my laughers
The one who is my unwritten dream
You are a drop of god s ocean
You are the one I like to die for

poet 2

I was late
In the shaking sun of winter
The alley s sleep was serious for me
I wish I know my grandmother s More...

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Melancholy - 5 stars out of 5! | Reviewer: Wheezer
    ------ About the song Moonlight Pact performed by Pagan's Mind

This song has so much feeling - if you aren't moved by it, you must be dead. It's too bad this song was cut off the re-issue of "Infinity Divine," but that CD seems to be pretty hard to find in stores anyway. I had to order it online and was able to "reserve" the lone copy of the original issue (by "Face Front Records") - I now anxiously await delivery.....

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