PM Dawn Albums

  • Emosia - Lover's Paradise Album
    You Can Count On Me
    Picture Perfect You
    Through Your Eyes
    Lost in You
    Livin' to Die
    There's No Reason
    Serenade the Sun
    Show Me
    Life Goes On
    Figure 8
    My Friend
    Free from Humanity

  • Dearest Christian: I'm So Very Sorry I Brought You Here. Love Dad Album (9/29/1998)
    Music for Carnivores
    Art Deco Halos
    I Had No Right (Being So Not For You)
    Misery In Utero
    If I Could Be Your Star
    Yang: As Private I's
    Screaming at Me
    I Hate Myself for You
    No Further Damage
    Hale-Bopp Regurgitations
    Faith in You
    Gotta Be...Movin' On Up
    To Love and Hate Seriously
    Perfect for You

  • Jesus Wept Album (10/3/1995)
    Intro (Jesus Wept )
    Downtown Venus
    My Own Personal Gravity
    I'll Be Waiting for You
    Forever Damaged (the 96th)
    Puppet Show
    Why God Loves You
    Miles from Anything
    The 9:45 Wake-up Dream
    A Lifetime
    Sometimes I Miss You So Much
    Fantasia's Confidential Ghetto

  • The Bliss Album Album (3/23/1993)
    Intro (The Bliss Album )
    When Midnight Sighs
    So On and So On
    Ways of the Wind
    To Love Me More
    About Nothing ( For the Love of Destiny )
    Norwegian Wood
    Beyond Infinite Affections
    Looking Through Patient Eyes
    Filthy Rich ( I Don't Wanna Be )
    More Than Likely
    The Nocturnal is in the House
    When its Raining Cats and Dogs
    I'd Die Without You

  • Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross Album (8/6/1991)

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