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Leonard Cohen PASSING THROUGH Lyrics

Last updated: 10/29/2013 07:18:05 AM

I saw Jesus on the cross on a hill called Calvary
"Do you hate mankind for what they done to you?"
He said, "Talk of love not hate, things to do - it's getting late.
I've so little time and I'm only passing through."

Passing through, passing through.
Sometimes happy, sometimes blue,
glad that I ran into you.
Tell the people that you saw me passing through.

I saw Adam leave the Garden with an apple in his hand,
I said "Now you're out, what are you gonna do?"
"Plant some crops and pray for rain, maybe raise a little cain.
I'm an orphan now, and I'm only passing through."

Passing through, passing through ...

I was with Washington at Valley Forge, shivering in the snow.
I said, "How come the men here suffer like they do?"
"Men will suffer, men will fight, even die for what is right
even though they know they're only passing through"

Passing through, passing through ...

I was at Franklin Roosevelt's side on the night before he died.
He said, "One world must come out of World War Two" (ah, the fool)
"Yankee, Russian, white or tan," he said, "A man is still a man.
We're all on one road, and we're only passing through."

Passing through, passing through ...

(let's do it one more time)

Passing through, passing through ...

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Eye opener, epiphany inducing song | Reviewer: Solami Z | 10/29/13

I must say im impressed by the messages his songs convey; the abundant amout of wisdom, liberation about the word of God in relation to our current situations in life. Im saddened by the fact that i was introduced to this phenomenal man's music 4days ago, i can only imagine how learned,wise i would be by now had i been exposed a while back. His music is especially for those who are ready to grow.