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Kiss Parasite Lyrics

Last updated: 01/08/2011 10:00:00 AM

She'll always be there trying to grab a hold
She thought she knew me, but she didn't know
That I was sad and wanted her to go

Parasite lady
Parasite eyes
Parasite lady
No need to cry

I didn't wanna have to get away
I told her things I didn't want to say
I need her and I hope she'll understand

Parasite lady
Parasite eyes
Parasite lady
No need to cry

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HTH | Reviewer: T. B. | 1/7/11

Song written by Ace and as said in another review Ace I believe did not have confidence in his vocals. Gene sang the song as of a couple of other songs. I also do believe Gene was trying to give Ace confidence in singing the songs Ace wrote. Ace is a very talented artist and was given a chance to prove it. Which he did. Gene seen something that Ace did not see at the time.And it goes down in KISSTORY.You should check out his latest solo album it is very well played. I like the remake of Fox on the Run.Ace was a good fit for the lead guitarist of KISS.

Oppinion | Reviewer: Scott | 3/10/10

With the lower sound and higher speed, I think that this song is by far one of the best songs by Kiss. I saw their show in Detroit Rock City itself in September of 2009. Parasite was one of their best.

Hotter Than Hell | Reviewer: Michael | 1/11/09

Definitely the first sign of heavy metal/grunge in the history of rock. This is such an underrated Kiss album...not a bad song on here. The beginning of Parasite is unmistakable, especially since so many bands have covered this song during their careers. Long live Kiss!!

KISS fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/08

This song was written actually by Ace. At that time he was not confident of his vocal skills so Gene sang a lot of the songs he wrote, such as Cold Gin, and this one - and Peter sang Strange Ways which Ace also wrote.

KISS rock | Reviewer: David Jones | 3/20/08

How good are these guys? This song is over 30 years old and it sounds much better than most of the crap that comes out today. This song is from Hotter Than Hell and has such a raw sound. One of (Parasite) Gene's best songs I reckon. KISS will out live us all!

Parasite | Reviewer: stiff | 6/15/07

Man this song always gets me pump up this is the song that i like the most and its the same song that inspired me to pick up the guitar

the best and most underrated song from KISS | Reviewer: rc | 5/29/07

....throw this one on the radio right now and many would want to know who this "new" band is.
Ace wrote it (figures), scathing solo.

Parasite | Reviewer: Breearne | 5/11/07

Very Good Song, Excellent Live. Although There is Minimal Lyrics The Music Makes Up For It.