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Boom! Here comes the Boom! Ready or not, here comes the
boys from the South.

P.O.D. have exploded to the stratosphere with their finest
work to date, the extraordinary "SATELLITE." A high-decibel
blast of potent cross-cultural power rock, the San
Diego-based quartet's second Atlantic Records release is at
turns joyful, provocative, challenging, and utterly real.
Co-produced by the band with Howard Benson (the man behind
the board for P.O.D.'s RIAA platinum certified label debut,

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Review about P.O.D. songs
Very dishororing to God! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Jesus Loves the Little Children(very rare) performed by P.O.D.

How could anyone take such a beautiful song and turn it into such a horrible and distasteful song, is beyond me! Shame on you. You will certainly answer to God on Judgement Day for this!

Why Buddha never "shows himself" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Going In Blind performed by P.O.D.

Buddha does not "show himself" because Buddha was not a god, nor did he ever claim to be. He was a man who became enlightened and found the way to eliminate suffering. I am not saying you should believe in him or his teachings, just know that Buddha was not/is not a god.

Real hardtimes | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Southtown performed by P.O.D.

I love this song now when i'm in hardships again after a long time, and this is what makes you love a song so much when you understand and then smile stealthily 'bout what he is saying, looks like POD had watched me since an year.lol i loved and love a girl so much that no one can ever think, and that becomes an adjective and example for the world, and i did nothing wrong but that i never lied. She fucking dint trust me goddamnit and left for she thought i was a liar, what should i do then, nothing, hear this song, i was broken and i could do nothing but to cry and then when i heard this song along with those of tool parabola and others, i was left with eternal power, love u pod

great lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Youth Of The Nation performed by P.O.D.

I've always liked the sound of this song, but the lyrics always choke me up when I listen to them. Especially the line about wishing he had told his Mom that he loved her. So sad and moving. Amazing song.

sad. | Reviewer: Cass
    ------ About the song Youth Of The Nation performed by P.O.D.

I knew a kid who was bullied and was a bully. The year I transfered out of that school, this boy brought a gun to my old school and was talking to his friends about it. He had a list of people along with the gun in his backpack. Im greatful he never got the chance to use it due to people turning him in. He ended up getting help and becoming a much happier person. That same year just a month or two after that incident, we had a kid walking around my new school with bug guns (Idk what they were) and duffle bags full of more guns plus ammo. I was in the restroom at the time hiding from other student who were bullying me actually when I heard over the intercom that there was a code red (which in that school meant shooter). I paniced and stayed in there the rest of the day. I had no idea who it was or even what happened to him. I do know that this person didnt get a chance to hurt anyone either. It saddens me that people would go to this extreme to get revenge and/or attention. I understand hurt and pain, I would never wish death on anyone though. Sure I still hold plenty of grudges, but that wont make me do anything harmful.

tlk it | Reviewer: katgirl825
    ------ About the song Youth Of The Nation performed by P.O.D.

Im emo n i did attempt suicide at one time because of some stupid junk goin with the fam. but lik this song is awesome cause its showin ppl how suicide aint the only way out. like ppl dnt tke ur life cause of sumthin. get help n id lik to say thnks to Furb, thnks man 4 helpin som1 find a way out ur an amazing person

suicide isn't that simple | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Youth Of The Nation performed by P.O.D.

You don't kill yourself becouse what other think of you. You can love yourself more than you love anyone and have a lot of friends but when you wanna kill yourself your not afraid to die, at all. it doesn't have to be like "I'm so sad I wanna kill myself so every one notice me" some times you just don't se a reason to live. like, it doesn't matter... And the only reason you stay alive is becouse you don't wanna hurt the people you love (like a mother or something) and ofc it's a very scary thing to do! I have always been the best at everything, I think I look really pretty and I'm always nice and smiling to everyone, I have friends who loves me and I can be happy. but my brain is far too big for me, I simply think too much so I can't handle it. A lot of people envy my life but still, it's not perfect. In my case it's me who has mind problems like needing perfection but never gets it and paranoia, beleiving every one is gonna kill me. Meaningful songs help me a lot. and the really good ones are written by people who feels the same. I always think: if I'm gonna kill myself it's gonna be when I'm happy and not in a fight with someone...

Why does no one get it? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Youth Of The Nation performed by P.O.D.

Man, this song really spells it out. People don't understand that when you have nothing and no one, then you feel that dying would be less painful then spending any more time alone and unwanted. It hurts. This song puts that into perspective. That kid next to you in class, the silent one with no friends that you completely ignore, just wants to feel wanted. He just wants someone there but no one gives him any mind. Just a face lost in the crowd. But to him, its more a face drowning in a sea of agony and self-loathing. Some seek revenge. They get so sick of being ignored, they decide to get attention and revenge in one fatal swoop. Yeah, they're doing it for attention, I admit it, but its a different kind of attention. If you ignore them, they'll give you reason to notice them. So, instead of just walking by as that kid gets his books dumped or takes a fist to the face for no reason, why don't you help him out. Be a friend. Give him a reason to live. That's the whole point that I get from the song.

Man It Hurts | Reviewer: Furb
    ------ About the song Youth Of The Nation performed by P.O.D.

I'm suicidal or anything like that,but man..this song makes me wanna cry.I saw To Save A Life kinda recently,about a month ago,and got a random email from someone I didn't know.This person was thinking of suicide..really bad this case was,in my opinion.A friend of this anonymous person had walked into school one day, pulled out a gun,and shot themself.Apparently this friend's parents were getting a divorce and the friend's dad killed himself in front of his boy...Anyways,the email I got didn't sound desperate,but I felt that it was this person's last attempt at help,and so I spent two hours writing back an email to him,in which I included mention of the movie I named above.Well,I didn't get back an email until after about three weeks.I was in school and I felt the need to pull up my email.So I did,and the anonymous person had emailed me back saying that they'd watched the movie and that they felt I had saved them.This song reminds me of that person..(Yes I did learn the name of this person,but I don't feel I should share it with everyone.) If anyone needs to talk,about ANY problems they have, they can send me an email.I'll answer as soon as I can. 'Peace on Earth,Goodwill toward Men."

Reminds me of my past. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Youth Of The Nation performed by P.O.D.

Reminds me of the time I was that kid that took 2 to the chest. I got lucky. Always remember to tell the one you care about that you care about them. You never know when you might not be able to again.

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