P.J. Harvey Lyrics

BORN: October 9, 1969, Yeovil, England

'Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea', the sixth PJ
Harvey album was released worldwide on October 23rd, 2000.

The much anticipated follow-up to 1998's 'Is This Desire?'
features 12 original tracks all written by P J Harvey. The
album, produced & performed by P J Harvey, Rob Ellis & Mick
Harvey, was recorded by Head in Great Linford Manor in
March/April 2000 and mixed by Victor Van Vugt at 'The
Fallout Shelter' in May 2000. Much of the record was
written in, and influenced by, Harvey's More...

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Reviews about P.J. Harvey songs

Magnificent | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Oh My Lover performed by P.J. Harvey

I think these lyrics really explores the feelings of despair that evolve when you're not feeling loved. Polly is such a great singer/songwriter. This is a very sexy and sensual song that conveys strong emotions such as passion and despair in a terrific way. There's no one like Polly.

Lovely, lovely meow.

Simple yet gay | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song The Mess We're In performed by P.J. Harvey

The song makes my butt leak like there is no tomorrow. Its smell is haunting yet wet. Soon we will all feel like this.

These are the words to speak on my funeral | Reviewer: Henk
    ------ About the song The Mess We're In performed by P.J. Harvey

These words are so very touching to my feelings. These words speak of what i feel. And i like my wife to play this song at my funeral.

i want to cry.... | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song The Mess We're In performed by P.J. Harvey

i am so lonely you know....
and this mess we're in...

let me alone...

dont ever change
i dont think we will meet again..

My beautiful Leah | Reviewer: Keygan
    ------ About the song My Beautiful Leah performed by P.J. Harvey

i think this song is really freaky and should of never even of been thought of...u seem like a stalker!!! (better lyrics next time)

Phoenix out of fire flames | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song The Dancer performed by P.J. Harvey

This song is very haunting and the intensity of PJ's singing matches the lyrics beautifully. Polly has a great way of using her voice effectively and she gives a lot of feeling into this one. The lyrics are superb, and this song is one of my all time favorite songs by PJ Harvey. Check it out! (If you haven't heard PJ Harvey's album, Stories from the city, stories from the sea, you simply MUST check it out too.)

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