Ozzy Osbourne Lyrics

John Osbourne
BORN: December 3, 1948, Birmingham, England


Ozzy spends about 6 months in a hotel room getting high and
drunk non stop over the breakup of Sabbath. Finally sharon
Arden (Don Arden's daughter) came to collect an old debt
from Ozzy and saw the sad state he was in. Sharon gets Ozzy
back on his feet and back into music.


Don Arden stuck with Ozzy as management and let the old
Sabbath go. He put together a band called "Law" which
lasted for about 2 gigs and then was Changed to the
"Blizzard of Ozz". The band More...

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Review about Ozzy Osbourne songs
Song lyrics,. | Reviewer: mellissa
    ------ About the song Mr. Tinkertrain performed by Ozzy Osbourne

There has been a lot of celebrities that have been done for paedophilia lately and it sounds like Ozzy Osbourne is next on the list!!!!


Stoopid | Reviewer: Dookalux
    ------ About the song Mr. Crowley performed by Ozzy Osbourne

If you can't write a proper English sentence, don't leave a comment. If English is your second language, comment in your native one so at least we can pretend you have a command of that language. I hate people who leave what they think is an intelligent, deep, thoughtful response, but their grammar is so fucked up you can't even understand wtf they are saying. Use, punctuation "properly!". Otherwise, just go somewhere and die.

Randy Rhoads | Reviewer: Ericka
    ------ About the song See You On The Other Side performed by Ozzy Osbourne

every time I listen to this, I feel as though he is singing to his greatest guitarist, Randy Rhoads, and just knowing he probably is and Randy can hear it makes me cry when I listen to it and think of the great Randy Rhoads. Rest in eternal Peace Randy Rhoads.

my best friend was my high school boy friend back from 75 to 79 | Reviewer: Graceace
    ------ About the song Changes performed by Ozzy Osbourne

My high schcool boyfriend was The best friend that I ever had. His name is Ray A Morales n mine is Grace López Briske. We were together every Weekend and during high school n his First Year at St Marys University. One night he had to study for exams n told me, that he will see me, The next day but I had to tell him goodnight n so I called his place. Some girl answered n told me that Ray was her boyfriend now and slamed The phone. I just took What She said for true n didnt questión it. I regret not taking his calls. I just felt so sick n had to do something to forget him. I left to The Army n Well I Did forget him for over 20 years that I Did in The Military. Im at The house i grew up in n The place he picked at every weekend. I know he had a room mate n he had a mean G/F. I sometimes wonder if we would of made a happy life together if I just didnt call that night n if that B wasent there when I Did. I still Love that guy and The song ozzy sang about my best friend will always remind me of my best boyfriend ever. His married n I Hope he is very very happy. My best friend that I ever had.

oh my | Reviewer: ilovechrist
    ------ About the song Mr. Crowley performed by Ozzy Osbourne

Magic is not good white ,black. It's all. Bad it is not of god ..... I'll pray for the deceived.... Do not what thou wilt do that whic is pleasing to god. Know and love him and you shall have everlasting life in peace and love.... Jesus loves you!! God bless!!!! <3

Goodbye 2012 | Reviewer: Ngaihte
    ------ About the song Goodbye to Romance performed by Ozzy Osbourne

Like dis song very much, so nothing to say anymore because this song tell's my past life of 2012. Gudbye to all ma classmate of Hope Baptist Academy, Bible Hill,Rengkai, Churachandpur, Manipur, India. I guess someday will meet again.:-)

An addition to things sorted out | Reviewer: Aaa
    ------ About the song Mr. Crowley performed by Ozzy Osbourne

Quite right as B mentioned below. Aleister Crowley was NOT a black magician and despised black magic.

I think it was a goat which had sex with a women, or a man having sex with a goat, and at the point of orgasm, the head was cut of the goat. Total white magic as anyone can see. Crystal clear magic... or Bee magic.

There are a ton of documentaries about Crowley out there. Go see for yourselves and don't waste your times expressing your points of view in here. They will just get "sorted out".

Let's sort some things out! | Reviewer: Bee
    ------ About the song Mr. Crowley performed by Ozzy Osbourne

Simply put:

- Crowley was not a black magician, in fact, he despised black magic.

- He was an occultist who wrote the Liber Al Vel Legis, The Book of the Law, and created a ceremonial magickal system based on the concept of Thelema (Will). The Liber was its masterwork.

- Most people don't even know what SATAN means. It is a word to specify anything in opposition to another. If you believe in one religion and that the truth of God belongs in it only, all other religions automatically become "satanist", adversaries, to yours.

- Anton LaVey was indeed a Satanist. But nothing to do with Crowley, please. Instead, Mr Aleister was involved with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn on his early years.

- Perhaps Ozzy was just curious about Crowley's magickal work. No worshipping, no criticism. Just curiosity. Actually Crowley's picture even appears at the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's cover. He was a very clever and "mysterious" man who inspires curiosity to people not formally involved in Occultism. That's all.

Idiots!! | Reviewer: STACHDADDY
    ------ About the song Mr. Crowley performed by Ozzy Osbourne

I really can't believe the comments people have made. Idiots!!! Crowley was NOT A black magician? Yes, the song is about him but Ozzy doesn't worship him or Satan, never has never will. Ozzy is actually a Christian, a really shitty one like I am a really shitty one but his is nonetheless. Check out the documentary his son Jack made about his dear old dad. Dummies, the world is full of dummies. Ozzy rules, love you Ozzy!!!

Post Dramatic Stress | Reviewer: Peter Filippi III
    ------ About the song Dreamer performed by Ozzy Osbourne

I was told by my older cousin when my father came back from WW2 he had emotional problems that my sisters and I never new growing up. I'm an entertainer and one day was touched by this song and recorded it and was surprised how much my father embraced it. When he died I understood.

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