Ozzy Osbourne Albums

  • Scream Album (6/11/2010)
    Let It Die
    Let Me Hear You Scream
    Soul Sucker
    Life Won't Wait
    Diggin' Me Down
    I Want It More
    Latimer's Mercy
    I Love You All
    One More Time
    Jump The Moon

  • Black Rain Album (5/22/2007)
    Not Going Away
    I Don't Wanna Stop
    Black Rain
    Lay Your World On Me
    The Almighty Dollar
    11 Silver
    Civilize The Universe
    Here For You
    Countdown's Begun
    Trap Door
    Bonus Track
    I Can't Save You
    Love To Hate

  • Under Cover Album (11/1/2005)
    Rocky Mountain Way
    In My Life
    Mississippi Queen
    Go Now
    21st Century Schizoid Man
    All The Young Dudes
    For What It's Worth
    Good Times
    Sunshine Of Your Love
    Working Class Hero
    Sympathy For The Devil

  • Down to Earth Album (10/16/2001)
    Gets Me Through
    Facing Hell
    No Easy Way Out
    That I Never Had
    You Know...(Part 1)
    Running Out Of Time
    Black Illusion
    Can You Hear Them?
    Bonus Track
    No Place For Angels

  • Ozzman Cometh Album (11/11/1997)
  • Ozzmosis Album (10/24/1995)
  • Live & Loud Album (6/15/1993)
  • No More Tears Album (9/17/1991)
  • Just Say Ozzy Album (1/1/1990)
  • No Rest For The Wicked Album (4/1/1989)
  • Tribute Album (4/1/1987)
  • Ultimate Sin Album (4/1/1986)
  • Bark At The Moon Album (4/1/1983)
  • Speak Of The Devil Album (4/1/1982)
  • Diary Of A Madman Album (4/1/1981)
  • Blizzard Of Ozz Album (4/1/1981)

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    Reviews about Ozzy Osbourne albums

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Ellie King
        ------ About the album Speak Of The Devil performed by Ozzy Osbourne

    hey i have heard ALL of these songs in the Sabbath days and i'm only like thirteen and of the female gender (I Even want a tattoo of ozzy's name on my knuckles) but the thought is still there rest in peace Mr. Randy Rhoads I will miss your heavy riffs and kick ass appearance...

    Im a Rebel DOWN to EARTH | Reviewer: kevin nelson
        ------ About the album Down to Earth performed by Ozzy Osbourne

    OzzY you are THE BEST and Ive had every thing from Black Sabbaths first to your DOWN to EARTH and when i seen that concert heard and read your lyrics that is the best and the most Intence lyrics I have ever heard you titled and wrote all your art are the way a true artest for the love of musics meaning DOWN to EARTH OzzY is and allways will be for me my help to remeber ME and the reasons to land the ONLY plain Ive ever flew Me and my boys need me DOWN to EARTH OzzY YOU have allways been my mentor and my music that i love so much helps me keep working on it and practice till my fingers bleed on my BASS strings THANK YOU VERY MUCH for talking to me through your music please Oz MAN dont ever stop and even if you ever do you have allways been and allways will be my king of music

    Review | Reviewer: Anders Hansen
        ------ About the album Down to Earth performed by Ozzy Osbourne

    Short >

    You sure already have the album, but if not, buy it.

    It sticks out from the other albums cause its more slow and more heavy, less solos, more evilness in the tune =D

    Buy it !

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