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Blue October Overweight Lyrics

Last updated: 08/31/2011 11:00:00 AM

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Ever carried the weight of another?
For how long?
Or walk as far as they need to recover?
For how long?

I want to carry a piece of who i was before
So when I hit the wall I really hit the wall (excuse me)
I want to tear away the death again
A whiter shade of fucking meth again
I want to stick to clues
I want to come unglued
I want to shape the world to fit the way you move
Oh should I listened for a dress size?

I owned up, I've grown up do you remember me?
I showed up and so what if I'm the used to be
I'm here to tell you that I’m sorry I was sorry
But i’m happy that you're happy this is no longer about me
Trade roles, switch sides for your beautiful eyes
Let him be there through your beautiful cries
Let him hold you up so you can touch affordable skies
And live your life just like a dream without the pain of goodbyes

Ever carried the weight of another?
For how long?
Or walk as far as they need to recover?
For how long?

I’ve been a drunk, disrespectful little street punk
Unlock the back of my trunk, you see now take this bat
And bash my head into the street again (street again)
No ones around so I keep beating it
I pull my hair back and look me in the eye
There’s a self-destructive meaning in the bleeding of a guy
It's the guilt of what reality has given me
Making sense of all mistakes and my stupidity

When you're sick you seem to think you failed eternally
And that the people you let in are only crumbling
When you feel sick of faking life and this recovery
When my decisions paved the road that lies in front of me
So to the friends that even call that I don’t call back
I hold you deep inside my heart upon a hill
It seems to hide sometimes to run away and wonder
I’m really sick of saying sorry but i will

Ever carried the weight of another?
For how long? ( Where were you? Where were you?)
Or walk as far as they need to recover?
For how long? (Where will you be?)

But, are we scared to take the ride?
Or dare to get inside...
I’m floating farther away
Floating far away
Floating far away... letting go

I wanna learn to walk with others as an equal
I wanna treat the ones who love me with respect
I wanna tell the world I’ll give them all a piggy back
And try to to take away my negative affect
I wanna kiss a girl and know I'll never lie again
I wanna call my dad and tell him that I care
I wanna let my brother know he saved my life
A thousand times throughout the years
He's been the friend who's always there...

Floating far away
Floating far away
I'm floating far away.....letting go

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