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Nightwish Over the Hills and Far Away Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2013 07:24:35 AM

They came for him one winter's night.
Arrested, he was bound.
They said there'd been a robbery,
his pistol had been found.

They marched him to the station house,
he waited for the dawn.
And as they led him to the dock,
he knew that he'd been wronged.
"You stand accused of robbery,"
he heard the bailiff say.
He knew without an alibi,
tomorrow's light would mourn his freedom.

Over the hills and far away,
for ten long years he'll count the days.
Over the mountains, and the seas,
a prisoner's life for him there'll be.

He knew that it would cost him dear,
but yet he dare not say.
Where he had been that fateful night,
a secret it must stay.
He had to fight back tears of rage.
His heart beat like a drum.
For with the wife of his best friend,
he spent his final night of freedom.

Over the hills and far away,
he swears he will return one day.
Far from the mountains and the seas,
back in her arms he swear he'll be.
Over the hills and far away.

Over the hills and, over the hills and,
over the hills and far away.

Each night within his prison cell,
he looks out through the bars.
He reads the letters that she wrote.
One day he'll know the taste of freedom.

Over the hills and far away,
she prays he will return one day.
As sure as the rivers reach the seas,
back in his arms he swears she'll be.

Over the hills and far away,
he swears he will return one day.
far from the mountains and the seas,
back in her arms is where he'll be.

Over the hills and far away,
she prays he will return one day.
As sure as the rivers reach the seas,
back in his arms is where she'll be.

Over the hills,
over the hills and far away.

Over the hills,
over the hills and far away.

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It's a traditional english song | Reviewer: SipTomi | 8/19/13

Dear All,
Please see on Wikipedia:

http: //

"Over the Hills and Far Away" is a traditional English song, dating back to at least the late 17th century. One version was published in Thomas D'Urfey's Wit and Mirth, or Pills to Purge Melancholy; a very different one appeared in George Farquhar's 1706 play The Recruiting Officer. A version also appears in John Gay's The Beggar's Opera of 1728.
The words have changed over the years, as can be seen in the versions below. The only consistent element in early versions is the title line and the tune. D'Urfey's and Gay's versions both refer to lovers, while Farquhar's version refers to fleeing overseas to join the army. The tune was provided with another set of lyrics for the Sharpe movies, based on Farquhar's version. This version was also recorded by John Tams who played Dan Hagman in the series.

Thank you and regards
SipTomi, a Nightwish fan (from Hungary)

Over the Hills & Far Away Originally Performed by Gary Moore | Reviewer: Muhammad Farid | 12/14/12

Few above have mistaken that this song is actually sang by the Nightwish. However this song is in fact belongs to his owner called Gary Moore of his Album Wild frontier.It is incomparable to judge Gary Moore with Nightwish as Gary was one of the biggest guitarist of his time.When you listen both the version of this song you ll finally come to a point who performed it well.

Tragic | Reviewer: strixmadness | 1/23/12

I've always loved this song. Reminds me of Whiskey in the jar. I view it as being set in Europe around the time they transported prisoners to the " new world". Yes his friend probably found out and set him up. But he would rather go to prison than ruin his love's reputation. Tragic romance

Love this one | Reviewer: Chaos | 5/31/11

The first time I really had a chance to sit and listen to this song it reminded me of the song 'Long Black Veil' and old American folk song thats very similar in some ways. The guy's innocent but can't say where he was because he was with his best friend's wife. But in that song he was accused of murder and hung. It's set back in the 1800's so there was no way he would or could say anything. I like the iddea that in this one they'll find a way to be together.

Brilliant Song! | Reviewer: Aldythia | 5/30/11

I love this song, and have for a long time. Although for a while, each different version I heard seemed to have different words. The first one I heard (this one) the words seemed to be "For with his best friend he spent his final night of freedom", the second version I heard I was certain the lyrics were "For with his wife he spent his final night of freedom" and couldn't see what was wrong with that. Then I heard the original, and heard all the words in that line. And got creeped out. (I was only 10 at the time...)
Still, it's a brilliant song and Tarja's voice lends itself well to the style music...

Eh... | Reviewer: Shelby | 4/22/11

I really love Nightwish's version of this... Tarja sings it WONDERFULLY and the lyrics flow very well. The story, though... eh... the man and woman should both be in jail, at the very least. Adultery is a terrible thing that demands the harshest punishments.

Great song | Reviewer: Nico Di Felice | 3/14/11

Even though the song was written in the 80's by Gary Moore it's still a great song to listen to on how Tarja projected her voice beacuse she has a classical voice while Moore has a voice like Elton John but both Did A KICK ASS JOB performing that song.

has to be said. | Reviewer: vanessa | 1/14/11

I love this song but a few things to point out. It is a little screwed up that even after all of that they are.still planning to cheat on his best friend after he gets out. Then there is the fact that it was probably his friend who framed him and lastly I must point oyut alot of you probably don't know this but aldultry is still considered a crime in most countries even asome states in the us have it in the books as a crime punisable by jail time. So him keeping quite really was to protect both of them. Even if it wasn't a crime her reputation would be screwed.

Attend the tale... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/10

This actually reminds me a little of Sweeney Todd, the musical version, I mean. Perhaps he is at a "dock" because he is going somewhere distant (over the hills and far away) to serve his sentence such as Australia or Alcatraz which would explain the chorus.

Different... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/10

Okay, I know this isn't the real meaning of the song but when I first heard it I thought for days on what it could mean. I looked over the lyrics (I was about 13 and also that not all the words I saw were the same as here) and made this conclusion: He was accused of robbery but he wouldn't tell of where he was because he slept with his best friend (the wife wasn't added at the time) and since he didn't marry her first (I was guessing it was some time ago) it would be a bigger sin, earning a bigger punishment. So he goes off, telling her that he'll be back and they can be together.

Please don't hate me. That was what I thought at first but after hearing it a few more times I found out the real meaning.

Sweet song.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/10

This song is about a guy who messed up. He made love to his best friend's girl. He feels so guilty about it that he is willing to take his sentence in silence instead of letting out the horrible truth of what he did. The only crime he committed was adultery. Now he waits 'til the day he can get out of his cell and rejoin he REAL lover.

A different point of view | Reviewer: Strazdas | 3/8/10

Ok, i realize ill probably be hated for this, but i seen this song from a totaly different point of view.
He was not protecting his friend of the woman, he was running away form himself and his fears. if he had told, his best friend would hate him, and the woman would probably too. he would have to live with that, and its not as easy. on the other hand if he confessed, he let the real robber free, which means he condemn another family to robbery. he is hiding behind bars, running from facing the atrocity he did.
oh well its just my view.

who framed him? | Reviewer: brike | 11/19/09

the person who framed him is obviously the friend whose wife he's doing. Dude found out about them and took revenge. He had motive and he had access to his pistol.

also, the song was written by gary moore back in the '80s, not nightwish.

loved it! | Reviewer: phoebe | 10/14/09

I actually love this song, the theme music is wonderful and it has a great story line, i think he did the right thing, although it was kind of sacrificing himself, this way he proved the woman he loved that how much he loves her, and i love how this song shows the sweet and bitter side of the life at the same time. it keeps telling about how hard it was for him spending day and night in the cell, but it also says about that everything will get well one day, i love this song!

true spirit of love and frienship! | Reviewer: mary | 10/8/09

this is actually a selfless act.givin ten years of his life eventhough it stems from his own misdoing which was seeing his friend's wife behind him.he respects and love her well enough by not blowing out their secret.also,he didnt want to get his friend hurt!aside that,the instruments ARE GREAT!!!