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It's hard to explain
Inherently it's just always been strange
Neither here nor there
Always somewhat out of place everywhere
Without a sense of belonging to touch
Somewhere halfway
Feeling there's no one completely the same

Standing alone
Eager to just
Believe it's good enough to be what
You really are
But in your heart
Uncertainty forever lies
And you'll always be
Somewhere on the

Early on, you face
The realization you don't have a space
Where you fit in
And recognize you
Were born to exist


And it's hard
And it's hard
And it's hard

Falling in between
And it's hard
And it's hard
To be understood
As you are
As you are
Oh, and God knows
That you're standing on your own
Blind and unguided
Into a world divided
You're thrown
Where you're never quite the same
Although you try - try and try
To tell yourself
You really are
But in your heart - uncertainty forever lies
And you'll always be
Somewhere on the outside
You'll always be
Somewhere on the outside

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so great | Reviewer: justme | 7/14/14

This song is a hidden masterpiece I really love this I'm dark skinned and here in our country I was always teased by saying "negro" I'm sad that some of my fellow fils are racist against black
This song helps me God is speaking through this song her songs are great I'm not really a fan

Savning Grace | Reviewer: Clark | 8/3/12

Mariah always tell that music is her saving grace. Well for me her music is my personal saving grace. It's not only multi-racial people experiencing alienation of somehow outsider but also Asian like me. i worked with "white people" and i often underestimated, rejected and alienated.

applies to many things | Reviewer: Joy A. Riley | 12/3/11

follow YOUR dreams-that's what you exist for-as Mariah wrote (and these are my favorite words of the song BELIEVE ITS GOOD ENOUGH TO BE WHAT YOU REALLY ARE...uncertainty will be your inconsistent companion, but finding your own PERSONAL greatness is the ONLY and real love/HEAVEN we seek to find.

Awesome song, great artist! | Reviewer: Veronica | 8/2/11

It's funny how judgmental society is that they have to look for excuses to hate on others who are amazingly talented and successful to make up for their own short-comings and insecurities. I think that only the truly ignorant are the ones who make people such myself and Mariah feel alienated. It also makes me sad that the soul-less media vultures fabricate lies in an attempt to defame Mariah's character. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. I had the opportunity to meet her and a kinder celeb I have not met. (I've met a few.)
This song really speaks to me, as though the thoughts were my own. It moves me to tears.
Remember folks, don't believe everything you hear! The so-called "diva" rumors about her are false!

crying | Reviewer: sandra | 4/21/11

cant help but cry hearing this song, im not a mariahfan, more into rock myself but when i put this on it always makes me cry, knowing we ARE all alone. My son is mixed but still young, hopefull and romantic, its me who is crying from the lyrics. Thanks to Mariah, its beautifull when music touches the heart (sorry for poor english)

Amazing | Reviewer: Jessica | 3/27/10

Words are not enough to describe how much I admire this woman!
Mariah Carey is, no matter what people says, a life example. She's overcome serious things, and she's inspired many people over the world, surpasing race, gender, age, nationality and religion...This amazing woman should be recognized not only for the records she's broken, her voice or her success, but for saving lives with her deep and true lyrics.
I'm 15 years old, I'm colombian (mixed race, of course) and I can really say she saved mine, everytime I feel bad I look at her picture or listen to one of her songs and I feel happy again.
I don't care if she wears sexy clothes, if she acts like a diva or whatever haters say about her, I'm glad I found a real artist to look up to, and I'll keep loving her forever.

Amazing | Reviewer: Jon | 3/23/10

Mariah wrote this about being BiRacial. I'm a mixed race as well, but I've never personally faced what she has about it. I have faced about other things though. It's amazing seeing someone who is so beautiful and so talented relate to you, a normal person. I can only hope that Mariah knows what she has created and done for the earth, because she has created such healing for us only God can give and she delivered.

Powerful | Reviewer: Alfred | 6/7/09

Not enough words can describe the meaning and power of this song, most people don't like Mariah Carey because of who she "is" (she is a such a diva because she got nothing when she was a kid, I am the same), her song writing is underestimated, people need to listen to the words of the song.

Deeply Touching! | Reviewer: Sandy Karmann | 10/23/08

Mariah shows strenght and vulnerability in her lyrics... especially this one... at first i like the song because of the melody and the vocal, didnt really pay attention to the lyrics until I search it here and read it for myself.... blown away...

Mariah always says the butterfly album is one of her favourites...

Simply Moving! | Reviewer: josephine | 10/20/07

Mariah is truly an amazing songwriter. In my opinion, her music would not have the same mood and emotion that it does if she was not the writer. The reason why she is such a "hit machine" is because of the combination of 1. her incredible voice, 2. her deep lyrics, and 3. the emotion that she puts into it. It's really hard to create a moving peice, but she could move Simon Cowell!!!!

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