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Outlawz Biography

Last updated: 03/09/2014 08:27:17 PM

Tha Outlawz burst onto the scene in 1996 as the ‘Outlaw Immortalz’ – They consisted of Hussein Fatal, Kastro, Napolean, Mussolini, E.D.I, Kormaini and Kadafi. Featuring on 2pac hits such as ‘When We Ride’ they emerged as a more than adequate backing posse for 2pac on Death Row Records. Let’s go back a few years. 2pac wasn’t signed to Death Row, he hadn’t even been in jail. Then came his sodomy, sexual abuse and weapons charges, one of which (sexual abuse) he was found guilty of. On Valentines Day 1995, 2pac was sentenced to up to 4½ years, and began serving time immediately in Rikers Island penitentiary in NY. Whilst incarcerated, he claims that the only old friends who came to visit him were who would be known as Fatal and Kadafi.

They made plans to form a group once ‘Pac got out. When Death Row records CEO ‘Suge’ Knight paid the $1.4 million bond to get Tupac Shakur out, along with several other members, (including ‘Big Syke’ or just ‘Syke’ from 2pac’s old backup crew ‘Thug Life’) The Outlaw Immortalz were formed.

The Outlaw Immortalz, as they were then known, featured either all at once or separately on 2pac’s Death Row 7 times platinum double release ‘All Eyez On Me’, then on ‘The Seven Day Theory’, and then even on the ‘Gang Related’ soundtrack. Somewhat under rated, they also featured on ‘Pac’s anti-Bad Boy record ‘Hit ‘em Up’. The notoriety of this West Coast anthem seemed to get them the recognition they deserved, although they were then somewhat overlooked in the light of 2pac’s death on Friday 13 September 1996.

One of the most promising, in my opinion, members of the ‘Outlawz’ (as they were now known) was then gunned down in LA – Kadafi, who was an old friend of 2pac's - formerly known as Dramacydal. Since then, Fatal (formerly Hussein Fatal) released a solo album which seemed to flop, from below-par production and wack hooks, I suspect. Also released on a small little-known record label was an album by 'Big Syke', from Thug Life/Outlawz. Now Daz Dillinger (DPG member) says that there is an upcoming album from the Outlawz, to be produced by Daz, but featuring ‘Pac.

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