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They brought you Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, Platinum.
Then they brought you ATLiens, Platinum plus. Now Big Boi
and Dre, the player and the poet, bring you their highly
anticipated third album, Aquemini, destined at least Double

OutKast consistently provides superb lyrics laced over
bumpin tracks which have earned them platinum albums, #1
hit singles, awards, and respect in the world of rap. In
1994 the duo entered the hip hop scene with the Organized
Noize (TLC, EnVogue, Goodie Mob) produced platinum album More...

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Review about OutKast songs
Zøll. . | Reviewer: GONTSE HUMA
    ------ About the song Wailin' performed by OutKast

Hey,1st of all id lyk 2 say tha im on sum gud Chuch nd alacol . I realy like the album, nd the only person who i 1st heard the album was on my brother, nd im still blazin them album.

Reply to Mark "Mrs Jackson = America" | Reviewer: Bryan
    ------ About the song Ms. Jackson performed by OutKast

Interesting perspective but the song is about a failed relationship that resulted in a chid raised in a broken home. Mrs. Jackson is his baby mama's mama, aka mother in law. The song is very literal and you are reading into more than you need to.

For example, you say, "And let her know her grandchild is a baby, and not a paycheck = The future generation is being sold, society is made up of human beings not commodities and walking votes. - Private school, daycare shit, medical bills, I pay that = Americans pay taxes loyally, even under hardship and significant financial pressure"

He is saying he will take financial responsibility for the child but he doesn't think it's his responsibility to cover her (baby mama's) bills too.

great song! | Reviewer: Cupid Valentino
    ------ About the song Return of the "G" performed by OutKast

yeah, every one knows Dr Dre is Pronounced Dee Are E ;) hahaha
Andre 3K, Dr, Benjamin Andr, 3000, Three Stacks, Ice Cold, Possum Aloysious Jenkins, Dookie Blossum Gain the 3rd, Johnny Vulture Percy Jr is great!

    ------ About the song Ghetto Musick performed by OutKast


Tell the difference for real | Reviewer: universe
    ------ About the song Jazzy Belle performed by OutKast

hahah be real lil wayne just raped a song ,, changed it from inspiring to what just dumb people wanna hear like things
like i love u 3 times more then ur mom and PUSSY MONEY WEED,,

Be real its just sad how such a nice song is re edited to total nonsense ALL THUMBS UP FOR MR WAYNE and his brainless speech
used to actually like it when he did a song with em but this just shows how a numbskull rolls

Lucinda, this sing did not make your dauggter commit suicide!!! | Reviewer: Misty
    ------ About the song Roses performed by OutKast

First of all I just want to say that I love this song.

Lucinda, this song has nothing to do with your daughter. I doubt she took her life because she heard this song.

This song is about relentless, heartless, gold digging women. Outkast doesn't know your daughter.

maybe she played this song simply because her name is Caroline, or she misunderstood what is was about.. Only she knows. But hearing a song that mentions a woman with the same name as you is not going to trigger suicidal thoughts.

You need to look deeper into what your daughter was actually going through. It may be easier to blame the writers of a song than find out what was really going on. It is unfair for you to blame outkast for using the name caroline. They do not know your daughter!

I hope you come back and read these comments.

Truth about Ms Jackson | Reviewer: Marc
    ------ About the song Ms. Jackson performed by OutKast

These Lyrics are about America (Ms. Jackson = America)

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson = I'm sorry America, but

I am for real = Expressing the regret of going against mainstream views and its repercussions

Never meant to make your daughter cry = We

I apologize a trillion times = Sarcastic and solemn description of the desperation of this realization, insincere but melancholy at the same time

My baby's drama mama, don't like me = This is not referring to the female lover character, but the mother/America, baby = my lover; drama mama = America, America the drama queen doesn't like competition, she wants to protect her interests, see Pink Floyd - Mother

She need to get a, piece of the american pie and take her bite out = America as a society is vengeful, and as a society we consume without consideration

That's my house, I'll disconnect the cable and turn the lights out = We were all born essentially taught to believe in the 'American Dream' but those who are awake will disconnect from the propaganda and stop funding the system

She be doin things like havin them boys come from her neighborhood to the studio tryin to fight me = America has become a police state, quietly silencing and moving against free speech

And let her know her grandchild is a baby, and not a paycheck = The future generation is being sold, society is made up of human beings not commodities and walking votes

Private school, daycare shit, medical bills, I pay that = Americans pay taxes loyally, even under hardship and significant financial pressure

I love your mom and everything, but see I ain't the one who laid down = Most folks love America, but most Americans did nothing to influence the system, the system is doing its own thing

She wanna rib you up to start a custody war, my lawyers stay down = American system of politics seeks to confuse people about "who is American", lawyers are serving the system above all, the game is rigged

She never got a chance
to hear my side of the story we was divided = America ignores her critics by dividing the people through useless "democracy"

There is more to this interpretation but find out the rest on your own from here

10-23-1981 Jaybird, jaja, Or You tube me my face is therein it The Time Traveler , Bralorne man from the future in the past 1941 Gold Runner , | Reviewer: Kenneth Hill Pearson
    ------ About the song Aquemini performed by OutKast

Andre whats shaking and all this mess over me Is it in my cards to to fall 360 a once well I see and remember most of everthing and well it doesnt seem we lost a second of time per Pauls watch lost 15 mins and caught a bullet. Whats God This is a line to hit me on 832.537.1081

awesome | Reviewer: shaqilla
    ------ About the song So Fresh, So Clean performed by OutKast

i love it that is my theme song that i listen to every morning it boost my ego better than before. I more confident when i hear that song nobody can touch me cuz i got style that is my inspirational song thanks outkast!!! When i hear that song i think about fashion because that is what im about im the fashion guru of my school. all i ever dream about is being a fashion designer all my life im a girl who knows i got iot like that thanks to andre 3000 i love him!!!

Derp dee derp | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Roses performed by OutKast

Its not always like that. That just makes you A cynical prick when it comea to people.
and just throwing this out there what if this whole caroline suicide thing is fake. Posted by some anti rap derp dee derp.
P.s. how is this blasphemous and who says that anymore.

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