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Jessi Colter Out Of The Rain Lyrics

Last updated: 12/07/2006 10:00:00 AM

Out of the rain, under the shelter
I've been so long where the sun don't shine
Standin' at the cross-roads
Could've went either way
But now I've found you
And the storm is behind

(Out of the rain, out of the rain)

Over the wall, I'm out in the open
Back on the right track, I'm feeling no pain
You took a Sparrow and let it fly with the Eagles
I can see a long ways, I can feel love again

(Out of the rain, out of the rain, yeah)

There was a time I was taking no prisoners
Standin' with a cold heart, standin' alone (all alone)
It took your sweet love (sweet love)
To pull me out of the canyon
I believe that I can make it now (I can make it, yeah)
I feel I belong

(Out of the rain, out of the rain, yeah)
(Out of the rain, out of the rain, Lord)

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