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Nicki Minaj Out My Face Lyrics

Last updated: 04/14/2010 12:00:00 PM

i was in the million dollar meetings he was cheatin all up in the church he was sneaking with the deacon cats away well the mice will play lol smiley face have a nicer day cuz' pop pop pop it goes my rubberband so stop stop stop sniffing that contraband cuz' you was penny pinching my accounts laced ATTENTION about face..... styling on em' big B'z bought the benz out elevator press P for the penthouse hop does then we break like tacos roscoe's on his knees with a snot nose they be like she next kawasaki t-rex give em' some kleenex match his little v-necks oh that's what he left let his mama pick it up might back up on vroom vroom with the pickup truck that blue and yellow yeah that's that carmello jag i bob and weave em' hit em' with that mayweather jab i get the thumbs up like i'm hailing a yellow cab my flow nuts like m&m's in a yellow bag .. : )))
Thanks to Phylicia Brown aka Rissa for submitting Out My Face Lyrics.