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He's got fasting black lungs
Made of clove splintered shardes
They're the kind that will talk
Through a wheezing of coughs

And I hear him every night
In every pore
And every time he just makes me warm

Freeze without an answer
Free from all the shame
Must I hide?
Cause I'll never
Never sleep alone

Look at how they flock to him
From an isle of open sores
He knows that the taste is such
Such to die for

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And I hear him every night
On every street
The scales that do slither
Deliver me from…

Freeze without an answer
Free from all the shame
Then I'll hide
Cause I'll never
Never sleep alone

Oh lord
Said I'm bloodshot for sure
Pale runs the ghost
Swollen on the shore

Every night
in every pore
The scales that do slither
Deliver me from…

Freeze without an answer
Free from all the shame
Then I'll hide
Cause I'll never
Never sleep alone

Freeze without an answer
Free from all the shame
Let me die
Cause I'll never
Never sleep alone

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The Widow | Reviewer: David Geib | 11/3/13

Wonderful song. Love the different interpretations of the song as well. Doesn't matter what the true meaning is really everyone is going to find a different meaning in the words and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, personaly, I love everything about this song and can't imagine why anyone would want to hate on it for one second as long as the song impacts your life positively it doesn't matter how it's interpreted and that's all that matters in my mind.

totally different... | Reviewer: ckmuse | 9/22/13

I'm not sure about the back story for the song as previously discussed, but my immediate impression of the song is that is is about an addicted borderline schizophrenic person. The song seems to suggest that the subject smokes a lot of "something"..I.E. some sort of drug and the lyrics suggest to me that there is a small part of the original person left calling out for help through the suppression of an addiction/ personality disorder. Look at how they flock to alter ego. I can see the things happening but its not really me..I'll never sleep alone because there will always be more than one person in my head..

Booklet in CD | Reviewer: gndylan | 10/17/12

It tells you the story inside the booklet inside the CD. All of these interpretations straying from the story of Cygnus seeking out vengeance of the murderers of his mother, Frances, are false. This is about a gender ambiguous person, most likely a male though, paying for sex with the AIDS-infected Cygnus. They both know he has it, but the Widow prefers to have someone with himt than sleep alone. It will bring him to death sooner which he believes will bring him to his deceased love sooner.

my view on the widow | Reviewer: C | 2/9/11

Well, i think this fellow widow is a vicious man, with 'fasting black lungs', a dealer on the streets, feeding vices. There is this girl (maybe Cygnus mother) addicted to the bone, living from prostitution. She feels the need, in every pore, the call of one more shot, just to 'keep her warm'. She 'will never sleep alone' because she will have to sell her body off, night after night, just to get more of the stuff. The widow is her provider, she cannot escape him or the addiction. It's a downward spiral.

rgthjkio | Reviewer: tyhujkl | 1/9/11

You guys don't know a thing
This song is about a character known as "El Viudo" or the widow, but in masculine. This song is about a guy that his wife died, and request for Cygnus' prostitute services. As Cygnus is a HIV+ and doesn't use protections on his sexual relations, Cygnus helps the Widow by giving him the HIV and when he dies, he re-meets with his past love. Sorry about my poor english, but I wanted you guys know the story :D greetings

it is an addiction. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/10

the song is about a woman and her struggle with an addiction and her disintegration because of it. shes self destructive to the point where her addiction caused a terrible and painful affliction to which she now curses the subject of her addiction though still unable to break it. in which then she wishes to die because its the only way to sleep alone, without it.

it is an addiction. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/10

the song is a struggle of a woman and her addiction. all of it points to disintergration and self destruction due to this terribly enthralling substance, killing her from inside until she just wants to die because the addiction will not let her be alone.

Interpretation | Reviewer: stfaulk89 | 10/26/10

Seems as if it is a marriage between two coming to an end, because the husband is dying from an addiction to tobacco. Possibly some sort of other substance, however "fasting black lungs made of clove splintered shards" lead to me believe it is tobacco.

Lyrics point to the wife, who is soon to be widowed s perspective.

personal meaning | Reviewer: Praetorian | 12/20/09

from the first time i read these lyrics until present(hundreds of times listening to the song) i will always relate them to heroin. Open soars are pletty self explanatory but specifically in the chorus "'cause i'll never sleep alone" - to me either means - i cannot sleep w/o my woman(heroin) or i refuse to sleep alone in case i drift off in an overdose - will need someone to watch over me. in any case beautiful song!

there's a book about the whole disc!! | Reviewer: claudia | 12/6/09

like someone said, the whole disc is about one general story, and every song's about a character... cygnus is a prostitute who has aids, and rapes and has sex with no protection, all the songs have a reference about that, the widow is a woman who, when she realizes the truth, preferred to keep having sex with him despite the illness, that way she'll be sooner with her husband..

by the way, cygnus is the swan constellation, and the myth says that greek gods became swans to seduce girls...

and I dont speak english very well... sorry....

yaaa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/09

---what's funny is almost everyone here mentions the diary thing, but they don't get the whole story. some are saying it was jeremy ward's diary found after his death. the real story is jeremy micheal ward (cousin of jim ward who worked with cedric and omar in at the drive-in and now part of sparta) who then worked with cedric and omar in mars volta until his death (cedric and omar say that heavy drug use ended with his death) found a diary (i cant remember how he got it) that wasn't his but after reading it he realized that the author had a very similar life to his own, especially that they had both been adopted. but jeremy ward does not write lyrics, although he may be a part in writing the concept, and during deloused in the comatorium he worked with cedric to create the story of cerpin taxt, based on the suicide of julio venegas (believed to have been tormented by once at the drive-in member ben rodriguez), close friend of mars volta and at the drive-in members, who once played in cedric's old garage bands before at the drive-in. anyway, the actual lyricists are omar rodriguez and cedric bixler, so whether they chose to write about jermey's death (i actually do not know when he died, or if frances the mute was released while he was alive), or about the diary's author, or about the key points in jermey and the author's lives that were shared, or simply about the diary itself, you would have to go through the lyrics and figure that part out. i havent gone through these lyrics, but what everyone seems to forget is the frances the mute single. frances the mute was supposed to be the title track for the album, which "decodes" all of the songs, but didnt make it in the album so it was released as a single. i don't know exactly how this works, whether its literally a code that you need to put together like a puzzle, or if its simply a song with lyrics that are easier to understand. this website seems to have something figured out that i dont, i dont understand the litle letters and titles they have inserted into each set of lyrics at the top, but when i looked at the lyrics to frances the mute (either that or casandra gemini) these titles are inserted in-between parts of the song. perhaps it is a more logical complicated puzzle, but im too lazy to figure it out right now, just wanted to give people the info i do have

The Secret of these lyrics Revealed | Reviewer: Miranda McKennitt | 10/19/09

Come on. It's about Jimmi Morrison. The Widow, because he is dead and she listens to his music and understands how one can love him and cherish him. How can you miss it. And English is not my mother's tongue...

My view on the widow | Reviewer: niqui | 5/11/09

first of all Cucaracha you have to remember taht this is based on a diary that Jeremy Ward found so it could be possible that this song is from a woman's point of view. Also I really think that everyone connects to this song on a different level and has their own view on it.

I think this song is about a girl who is probably innocent and naieve and falls for a guy who shows her a side of life she never intended to get into. The fasting black lungs line means he cannot breathe because he smokes...probably cloves which are notorious for having fiberglass in them which makes your lungs bleed. I believe that this guy is into drugs and a crazy lifestyle and this girl seems to fall deeper and deeper into it. She's so in love she cannot help her own demise even when it seems that he's forgotten her. To be closer to him she' does all the things he does and she ends up wanting to die in the end.

frances the mute | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/09

Frances the Mute in based on the story found in the diary/journal of deceased friend Jeremy Ward. He was adopted and the journal has entry's of his quest to find his real mother and father. Each song has a character name in the title (cyngus, the widow, miranda, cassandra). With the cd came a lot of emotion because the death was very recent, and Jeremy was very close to the members. None of The Mars Volta's lyrics are "just because they sound good". There is a story/concept behind each album which made me like them so much more.

You can find a lot of interesting facts about their album's and songs on their site.

correction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/09

It's not Jeremy's story.

"The story is inspired by a diary that Jeremy found in the backseat of a car while working as a repo man. (cedric says) He discovered he has a lot in common with it's author. He kept it and let us in on it. The diary told of the author being adopted and looking for his real parents. The names of each song are named after the people in the diary. Each person he meets sort of points him in the direction of his biological parents... It's a story of abandonment and addiction. As to weather of not it actual happened is not certain. That's something for the listener to find out. We can only provide the pieces"

-says Cedric (

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