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Mars Volta Wax Simulacra Lyrics

Last updated: 09/03/2009 11:00:00 AM

Came back to doubt yourself but broke in two
They find it punctual with idle tooth
I'll find something to shake by the roots

I crawl along the ceilings in your room
The cold is spinning thread to answer you
I need something made of freewill

Am I waiting now?
Does my waiting howl?
Am I waiting now?
Does my waiting howl?

I bring an avalanche of toltec bones
Contaminated cravings if you choose
To play something that aches for a spill
Leave out the meat for that contact high
Inhale the vapors and let the hangman smile
For that something to shake by roots


Bring me the tame
Witness germinates in the child
That word of mouth stutters
Blink at the lonely dice

Don't know

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Drums! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/09

Gotta love the drums on this whole album, but especially on Wax Simulacra. The double bass drum hits are fantastic, and must have been done with one pedal? The hi-hat is played simultaneously. Anyway, great song.

a promising single | Reviewer: Peter Boyll | 12/17/07

further establishing their career, MV's new album the bedlam in goliath, due 1/29/08, will probably be a deciding factor for the bands future. their released single, wax simulacra, is a vague but promising foreshadow of the album. wax smlcra is a powerful song that provides sound simular to a mixture of all three of their past albums, with a hint of a new sound. great song, but many will be left guesing about the album in its intirety until it's release